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v87.0, released 2024-02-23

Documentation | What's new & coming | v87.0

This version brings:

  • Skia support for VCL. DK-13845
    • Support is experimental at this stage, and we are working on reliability and speed.
    • Support is enbled for RAD Studio 12. To use it:
      1. enable Skia in a project option;
      2. add unit VCL.GisRendererSkia to the uses (for example, in a .dpr file).
    • To enable support for version order than RAD Studio 12:
      1. downloading Skia4Delphi using GetIt or from;
      2. enable Skia in a project option;
      3. add unit VCL.GisRendererSkia to the uses (for example, in a .dpr file);
      4. edit VCL.GisRendererSkia.pas:29 to uncomment {$DEFINE GIS_SKIA_SUPPORT};
      5. we run tests, however, only against the version included in RAD Studio 12.
  • HCL color space added. DK-13832 DK-13866
  • Oracle Spatial support via ADO.NET (so also supported now on ASP.NET running on Linux). DK-13865
  • OCI based PixelStore layer. DK-13898
  • Significant change in how small polygons are drawn (with size less than a pixel). Previously, it always disappeared, and now they are visible if SmartSize=0.. DK-13901
  • Improvements in rendering labels with mixed right-to-left (e.g English) and left-to-right (e.g Arabic) languages. DK-13897
  • Several PVL fixes related to right-to-left (BiDi) support and 4K screens. DK-13900 DK-13895
  • Minor fixes and improvements.

Full list available at Changelog.

2024/02/23 21:54

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