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v86.0, released 2024-01-26

Documentation | What's new & coming | v86.0

This version brings:

  • Some ugly bug on Skia on .NET makes performance very bad upon labeling. ASP.NET Core whole try this Unstable because switching back to GDIPlus rendering also does not work. We will probably be forced to release a patch 86.1 next week anyway. DK-13837
  • Ability to select and operate on multiple items in the legend control. DK-13833
  • AutoStyle should be visible upon design time. Autostyling should not work automatically for user-created in-memory layers or layers with embedded styling (r.g. CAD, BIM, etc.). DK-13840
  • Drawing 3D shapes in 2D is now much better. DK-13848
  • Suport for DXF custom line style. DK-13851
  • All NuGet references to use newer versions of libraries (no more referring to deprecated versions). DK-13851
  • PVL to support canvas components for custom drawings. DK-13852
  • SQL Layer - option to predefine which columns will be used to read attributes form. It can speed up operations significantly. DK-13858
  • Improved selecting in 3D mode. DL13959
  • Minor fixes and improvements.

Full list available at Changelog.

2024/01/26 22:35

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