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v11.8.0, released 2017-09-22

Documentation | What's new & coming | v11.8.0

This version brings vastly improved DWG support and new Viewshed analysis.

  • Improved DWG reader. DK-8319
  • Implement viewshed analysis. DK-9643
  • .ttkstyle format altered (breaking change). See current specification at: TGIS_ConfigXml class. DK-9686
  • Extensive documenation for AsText format (see: Param AsText syntax). DK-9681
  • New mu (map units) unit for SizeAsText like parameters. DK-9671
  • Shape params memory footprint reduced (mportant for CAD layers). DK-9658
  • All samples source code published in the documentation.
  • MouseWheel event treatment was not consistent. DK-9654
  • Redesign Zooming sample to better illustrate mouse wheel operation. DK-9101
  • Redesign ShapeOperations sample to better illustrate the use of top-most (tracking) layers for fast map updates. DK-9653
  • Same shape edition experience on all supported platforms. DK-9125
  • Improved Pixel.TransprentZones compatibility with old .TTKGP and .INI files. DK-9644
  • Improved TIFF handling. DK-9649, DK-9645
  • Improved Retina support on MacOS. DK-9647
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.

Full list available at Changelog.

2018/02/28 15:44

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