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v11.7.0, released 2017-08-25

Documentation | What's new & coming | v11.7.0

This version DK11 for Java Beta, and a lot of smaller improvements for all supported platforms:


  • DK for Java (Beta) released. DK-9623
  • Some .NET samples do not open properly on DPI other than 96. DK-9488.
  • SimplEdit got a data set on which is easier to test editing. DK-9501.
  • Interpolation methods vastly improved in a matter of speed and CS support. DK-9502.
  • Beter doc for TGIS_IsochroneMap class.
  • Interpolation sample is buggy and misleading. DK-9493
  • Fixed WinForms zooming rectangle issues on non-standard DPI. DK-9510
  • Interpolation sample redone to be more informative. DK-9493
  • Fixed various issues with Print Preview components. DK-9510
  • Sample source code is now available for online browsing. See for example Isochrone sample
  • Samples doc improvements
  • General samples review

Known issues:

  • We hope that RSP-18492 issue will be resolved to finally a proper support for Android on RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo will be possible. Unfortunately, 10.2.1 does not address this issue.

Full list available at Changelog.

2018/02/28 15:48

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