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v11.6.0, released 2017-06-30

Documentation | What's new & coming | v11.6.0

This version brings a lot of improvements and GUI fixes especially for mobile platforms and FMX. However, a few new features are included as well.

  • Isochrone analysis. [DK-9208]
  • Concave Hull added. [DK-9217]
  • Convex Hull speed improvements. [DK-9324]
  • DK.FMX dialog boxes to match a look on VCL and Winforms as a continuation of [DK-9075].
  • Introduced property TGIS_ViewerWndHelper.DelayedUpdate a to fine grain control of delayed updates. [DK-9301]
  • Legend is not printed. [DK-9360]
    Problem is specific for DirectX rendering. A temporary workaround is to set renderer to GDI32 (VCL only) or GDI+ (VCL and WinForms). See Use renderer other than default. Fixed in Unstable4.
  • Number of improvements of Legend Properties Form and its subforms behavior on mobiles in a matter of speed, look, and stability.
  • Some procedures name were changed to be more logical like TGIS_ContourGenerator.Import → Generate [DK-6369]
  • PrintClipboard now supported of DK.FMX. [DK-9418]
  • Standalone SVG Symbol Library Compiler provided.
  • Number of various fixes.

Known problems:

  • For 4K monitor support issues be sure to read comments at Known issues.
  • Tested with RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo Android fix ( However, this patch introduced a significant bug in polygons rendering (Vote for the fix: RSP-18492). Therefore unfortunately still RAS Studio 10.1 Seattle is an only reliable way to develop on Android.

Full list available at Changelog.

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