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v11.52.0, released 2021-03-26

Documentation | What's new & coming | v11.52.0

This brings:

  • Further improvement of pixel temporary files. Ability to define threshold size (in MB) above which temporary files will be used. Default is 100MB. By default, a temporary files use 4 Bytes per pixel. DK-12276:
    // C#
    TGIS_Utils.GisMetadata().set_Values("TGIS_LayerPixel.MemoryLayerLimit", "120" );
    ' VB.NET
    TGIS_Utils.GisMetadata().Values("TGIS_LayerPixel.MemoryLayerLimit" ) = "120"
    // Delphi
    GisMetadata['TGIS_LayerPixel.MemoryLayerLimit'] := "120";
  • TGIS_Editor got separated tolerance properties (and defaults) for mouse, touch, and pen input, DK-12255
  • Snapping point to be visible at the moment the Editor mode is selected<, DK-12242
  • Topmost pixel layer can be now invalidated at a high frame rate (>50 frames per second on 4K). This experimental feature is available on all platforms, all renderers except Gdi32. DK-12239
  • TGIS_LayerPixelLock.Parent property introduced. DK-12240
  • Dash style supported in SVG. DK-12245
  • Improvement styling interpretation upon opening QGIS projects. DK-12235
  • Improved GML interpretation by autodetecting attribute field types. DK-12229
  • Improved authentication handling of web services in .NET. DK-12281
  • Minor fixes and improvements,

Full list available at Changelog.

2021/03/26 20:57

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