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v11.51.0, released 2021-02-26

Documentation | What's new & coming | v11.51.0

This version is under development and planned for the end of February.

This version brings:

  • RAD Studio 10.4.2 support. DK-12220
  • Touch gestures on WPF added. DK-12157
  • Better hacking for number of potential interface misuse in ActiveX. DK-12225 DK-12223 DK-12206
  • .NET 'Core' libraries available as Trail in NuGET. DK-12198
  • KML to support multifile kmz. DK-12167
  • Fast calculation of the vector layer's statistics based on random sampling algorithm. DK-12143
  • Print template designer option of changing legend's layer order. DK-12163
  • Compatibility improvements for VCL and Wine/CrossOver (See: Editor release notes for details. DK-12171
  • Fixes of Geopackage handling. DK-12161 DK-12165 DK-12166
  • Fixed printing of lagend with labels. DK-12178
  • FMXLinux compatibility improved. Just recompile your FMX app for Linux. DK-12190

    FMXLinux is now an officially supported platform in DK. Read more: FmxLinux support.
  • Minor fixes and improvements.

Full list available at Changelog.

2021/02/27 08:35

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