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v11.50.0, released 2021-02-05

Documentation | What's new & coming | v11.50.0

This version brings:

  • Major change in default PatrolRead behavior. PatrolRead was developed in Win7 times as a way to perform cache warming to improve HDD performance. We believe that now is a time to set it off by default. You can still turn it on with metadata TGIS_Stream.PatrolRead. DK-12120
  • Major change in RTree behavior. Now we delete incomplete .rtree upon application closing. Also, RTree is modified less frequently and is more secure on multi-user scenarios. DK-11574 DK-12127 DK-12128
  • Automatically delete improper RTree files. DK-12076
  • Number of changes visible in the Layer Properties dialog box:
    • Vector rendering wizard got an option to select a palette and better color by unique values. DK-12020 DK-12103
    • Unique classification improvements: new wizard option for vectors and grid with an option to select palettes optimised for unique values. DK-12020 DK-12127 DK-12076 DK-12128 DK-12117
    • Min/Max Hinght of grid values moved from general the Grid pane. DK-12145
    • Slightly reorganized dialog-boxes due to the introduction of unique classification and statistics dialog and small visual fixes. DK-12144
    • Autoscrolling of dialogue-box for proper using the virtual keyboard on mobiles. DK-12082
    • Number of fixes for form mobile. DK-12089 DK-12094 DK-12082 DK-12080 DK-12078 DK-12108 DK-12111
    • A small visual fixes mostly for 4K screen and VCL/FMX styling. DK-125151 DK-12152 DK-12122 DK-12117 DK-12104
  • Improved shape editing on touch screens including zoom and pan upon editing. DK-12101
  • Verify that RAD Studio 10.4.1 update is installed upon setup. DK-12085
  • Improved WebTiles behavior on non-existing tiles. DK-12098
  • Support for extended WKB types like curves and 3D shapes upon interpreting WKB. DK-12119
  • Ensure TLS 1.2 support even on .NET 4 for easier access of web services which often requires at east TLS 1.2. DK-12156
  • Two-fingers panning on FMX. DK-12156
  • Minor fixes and improvements.
2021/02/05 21:59

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