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v11.49.0, released 2020-12-30

Documentation | What's new & coming | v11.49.0

This version is under development and planned for the end of December.

This version brings:

  • Java 11 compatibility. All tests run on AdoptOpenJDK and DK-12068
  • Avoid any code that temporary change active folder (like absolute/relative path calculating, DB driver loading) due to Java 11 limitation. DK-11955 DK-12064
  • TGIS_ControlLegend performance improvement and bug fixes on FMX. DK-12060 DK-12063
  • Pixel layers with reprojection sometimes not visible if open from a project file. DK-12066
  • Viewer rotation should work also with basemaps. DK-12029
  • Creating pixel and grid layers utilizes temporary files to allow the creation of really big files. This support is still experimental. DK-11536
  • Ability to set the default page orientation for print preview. DK-11884
  • Improve layer properties scrolling with mouse wheel (VCL). DK-12038
  • Layer properties control sometimes annoying shows for a while as a blinking window in a top-left corner (VCL). DK-12042
  • Legend properties dialog-box opens very, very slow if vector layer has many rendering zones. DK-12037
  • On Layer Properties dialog-box some edit boxes do not accept Copy/Paste shortcuts (VCL). DK-12039
  • Locate does not work on WMS layer. DK-12051
  • Improper text codepage decoding on DXF created with most recent Autocad versions. DK-12049
  • DrawScope documentation is misleading. DK-12057
  • GUISScale property implemented experimentally on VCL and FMX to allow scaling of Legend control and LayerProperties dialogbox fo easier operations on touch-enabled screens. DK-11536
  • Better fonts scaling of FMX application if monitor scale is >100% but the monitor is not 4K. DK-12073
  • Improved behaviour upon dragging DDK.VCL/XDK application between multiple monitors with different resolutions. DK-12077
  • ViewerLite sample to automatically download a sample set for easier test on iOS, Mac and Android. DK-12071
  • Proper touch operations on TGIS_ControlLegend. DK-12032
  • Minor fixes and improvements.

Full list available at Changelog.

2020/12/31 11:08

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