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v11.43.0, released 2020-06-27

Documentation | What's new & coming | v11.43.0

This version is under development and planned for the end of June.

This version brings:

  • New TGIS_GridToPoint class. DK-11650
  • Layer Properties Form to behave better after calling wizard and using Apply button (to not refresh the form)U1. DK-11739 DK-11738
  • TatukGIS OpenStreetMap uop to level 19. DK-11765
  • New TGIS.Pixel.LocateEx method. DK-11777
  • New classification method StandardDevationWithCentral. DK-11741
  • TGIS_LayerLandXML export. DK-11729
  • Support for vector web tiles (experimental). DK-11600
  • Minor improvements & bug fixing.

Full list available at Changelog.

2020/06/27 08:29

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