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v11.42.0, released 2020-05-30

Documentation | What's new & coming | v11.42.0

This version brings:

  • RAD Studio 10.4 support. DK-11568
  • Option to disable “interrupt by click”. Be default a silent period between redrawing request and ability to interrupt is 250ms. It can be changed to a higher number or even disabled at all (-1) by setting the metadata 'TGIS_ViewerWnd.InterruptTimeout' using TGIS_Utils.GisMetadata. DK-11606
  • Lot of improvements in Print Template Designer (and template files itself) which is now ready for a primetime. Currently only VCL. DK-11660 DK-11661 DK-11668 DK-11670 DK-11671 DK-11672 DK-11676 DK-11685 DK-11689
  • Redesigned and vastly improved color ramps definitions and use (DK-11568 DK-11692), including:
    • using color ramps from code,
    • reversing colors in ramps,
    • continuous and discrete modes of color ramps,
    • unification of color ramp names,
    • adding some new ramps.
  • Number of minor fixes and improvements.

Full list available at Changelog.

2020/06/03 13:55

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