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v11.35.0, released 2019-10-25

Documentation | What's new & coming | v11.35.0

This version is under development and planned for the end of October.

This version brings:

  • Experimental on-line translation editor Users with active maintenance can log-on and provide translations. Any comments please share with here.
  • Classification for pixel layer. DK-11270 DK-10672
  • Ability to store WebTiles cache on a local hard drive. DK-11194
    New parameters for .ttkwp were introduced: Offline, FileCache. CacheFolder, and NoExpiration. See: TGIS_LayerWebTiles class.
  • FetchCache implemented on a WebTiles to download offline cache. DK-11286
    Upon accessing TatukGIS OSM server, try to not exceed 30,000 tiles per call. Subsequent calls can be executed to create non-rectangular areas. Number of tiles can be estimated with CountTiles() function.
  • Support for WCS OGC. DK-11230
  • Ability to interpret RGB or just a single channel “AsGrid”. DK-10752
  • New PrintManager events: BeforePrintMap, AfterPrintMap. DK-11291
  • Fixes & improvements.

Full list available at Changelog.

2019/10/28 15:18

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