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v11.29.0, pending

Documentation | What's new & comming | v11.29.0

This version is under development and planned for the end of April.

List of changes is not ready yet. However, we want to address:

  • ASP.NET as soon we have .NET CORE rendering ready for prime-time.
  • Raster arithmetic. DK-10825
  • Fixes & improvements.


  • Improved styling for Attribute and Legend control (VCL & FMX ). DK-10992 DK-10989.
    New FMX control behaviour: upon printing Font and FontColor will be used, but on the screen a default styling will be used unless turned off in StyledSettings
  • Native MBTile support with TGIS_LayerWebTiles, DK-10932
  • Support of CMYK color model in JPG. DK-10998
  • Make statics available for labeling, wizards, and rendering. DK-11000
    • Sample label {avg(AGE)}
  • Minor fixes and improvements.

Done, but waiting for publishing:

  • .NET Standard compilation. Packages awaiting publishing.
  • NuGet retail distribution Packages awaiting publishing from TatukGIS private server.

Full list available at Changelog.

2019/04/12 17:30