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v11.28.0, released 2019-03-29

Documentation | What's new & coming | v11.28.0

This version brings.

  • 3D now available on WPF. DK-10870
  • TGIS_PaintException event propely fired if error occurs upon main window paint. DK-10954
  • Support a shape part operations in Undo and Redo upon shape editing. DK-5883
  • DK already sends a number of messages to debug output (.NET & Delphi) upon debugging. Now, if metadata contains a path to the log file then messages will be also logged to a file. DK-10955
  • Promote .ttkproject and .ttkstyle format as default. DK-10950
    As announced in 11.19.0 readme we started to automatic upgrade projects to a new format. Upgrade can be turned-off by metadata:
  • Support for snapping to multiple layers. DK-19941
  • Better handlig of extra parameters on url like api keys. DK-10968
  • Support for compressed WFS features. DK-10970
  • Improve print templates. DK-10964
  • Minor fixes & improvements.

Full list available at Changelog.

2019/04/01 10:50

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