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v11.27.0, released 2019-02-22

Documentation | What's new & coming | v11.27.0

This version brings:

  • TGIS_ViewerWND.GetCacheBitmap function implemented to return last rendered bitmap. DK-10798
  • Some SHP file has improper XYZM representation. We dod a better approach to safely handle them.DK-10798
  • FMXLinux briefly tested with RAD Studio 10.3, and seems to work fine. Preliminary Linux compilation for RAD Studio 10.2 discontinued. DK-10879
  • Fixed issues offset with on non-standard DPI. DK-10885
  • TGIS_ControlAttributes got DateTime picker. DK-10877
  • Old projects got more reasonable units in the Legend Control (e.g. 8 pt rather then 160twips). DK-10888
  • ActiveX got the handling of Click, DblClick, KeyDown/Up, KeyPress, and MouseWheel event. DK-10891
  • Class to calculate all important kind of layer (vector fields and pixels) statistics (Unique, Mean, Max, Min, Majority, Deviation, Range, etc). Preliminary - some more work to be done on samples and testing across platforms. DK-10746
  • SharedConnection for ADO SQL layers. DK-10889
  • Some work on a new print template builder. DK-10730
  • Improved Legend control compact view. DK-10906
  • Vastly improved massive multipart polygons on GDI+ (Delphi & .NET). DK-10905
  • Vastly improved labeling speed in 3D View for.NET. DK-10926
  • Saving per shape styling in TAB files. DK08791
  • Vector rendering wizard got option to calculate required statistics on only withing visible extent but also for a whole layer.DK-10918
  • Trial version available as NuGet package straight from the Visual Studio. Only assembly, good for creating new test projects. Requires a full Trial version download to activate, for samples, additional deployment libraries, and to obtain support. DK-10786
  • Minor fix and improvements.

Full list available at Changelog.

2019/04/01 10:50

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