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v11.19.0, released 2018-07-30

Documentation | What's new & coming | v11.19.0

This version brings:

  • NTV2 and NADCON transformations. DK-8855
    Currently .gsb and and .ttkgs files are supported. See Grid Shifts Files.
  • Promote .ttkproject and .ttkstyle format as default. DK-10402 DK-10403.
    We plan to make a project update default withing next 2-3 months. Meawhile, a planned default behavior can be forced by metadata
  • Point Cloud to Grid conversion. DK-10406

And minor improvements:

  • Better transformation ↔ datum matching for improving coordinate system transformations result. DK-10432
  • Use of EPSG 9.4 defintions. DK-10409
  • Better order of coordinates (for WMS and WFS services). Dk-10410
  • TGIS_ParamsSection.NormalizedZ & NormalizedZ redefined for support Max and Range normalization. DK-10423
  • TGIS_ParamsSection.ScaleZ & ScaleM to scale also FalseZ & FalseM. It is useful to present data (extruded by attribute field) which does not contain altitude data but some kind of statistical data etc. DK-10392
  • ExtendedDataEvent to parse extended entity for DWG and DXF. DK-10395 DK-10400
  • TGIS_LayerPixelLock is now a class. Only C++ apps needs a minor mondification. DK-10441
  • Minor fixes and improvements in SVG rendering, Pixel Layer support, OpenCL etc.

Full list available at Changelog.

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