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v11.18.0, released 2018-06-29

Documentation | What's new & coming | v11.18.0

List of changes:

  • Minor TGIS_ControlLegend improvements (but better arrow keys support is still coming). DK-10301, DK-10311, DK-10315
  • Few improvements of basemap layer handling. DK-10309, DK-10312
  • Some points are are sometimes not visible on some projections due to improper SmartSize calculations. DK-10306
  • Fixed number of issues eith PrintExport manager. DK-10351
  • Fixed editor behaviour under FMX and minor improvements. DK-10346, DK-10343
  • TGIS_ControlLegent toproperly rect for cursors keys. DK-10305
  • Experiminat extended to .NET nad Java. DK-10354
  • New mode of dragging map. DK-10391. Default setup is equal to this metadata defintion (and can be changed accordingly):
    // how to change navigation feedback in Pascal
    GisMetadata.Values[ 'TGIS_ViewerWnd.Paint.NavigateFeedback.FullCache' ] = 'TRUE'; //set 'FALSE' to disable new behavior
    GisMetadata.Values[ 'TGIS_ViewerWnd.Paint.Progressive.FullCache'      ] = 'TRUE'; //set 'FALSE' to disable new behavior ;
    GisMetadata.Values[ 'TGIS_ViewerWnd.Paint.Progressive.Transparency'   ] = '60' ;
    // how to change navigation feedback in in C#
    TGIS_Utils.GisMetadata().set_Values("TGIS_ViewerWnd.Paint.NavigateFeedback.FullCache", "TRUE"); //set "FALSE" to disable new behavior
    TGIS_Utils.GisMetadata().set_Values("TGIS_ViewerWnd.Paint.Progressive.FullCache"     , "TRUE"); //set "FALSE" to disable new behavior
    TGIS_Utils.GisMetadata().set_Values("TGIS_ViewerWnd.Paint.Progressive.Transparency"  , "60");
    ' how to change navigation feedback in in VB.NET
    TGIS_Utils.GisMetadata().Values("TGIS_ViewerWnd.Paint.NavigateFeedback.FullCache") = "TRUE" 'set "FALSE" to disable new behavior 
    TGIS_Utils.GisMetadata().Values("TGIS_ViewerWnd.Paint.Progressive.FullCache​"     ) = "TRUE" 'set "FALSE" to disable new behavior 
    TGIS_Utils.GisMetadata().Values("TGIS_ViewerWnd.Paint.Progressive.Transparency"  ) = "60" 
  • CompactView mode for TGIS_ControlLegend. DK-10356
  • Resizing windows with Base Map rendered can temporary provide wrong basemap image. DK-10360
  • Progressive display upon FullExtent and other methods called directly does not work upon Java. DK-10361
  • Some fixed for TIFF and IMG ayer support
  • Some improvement for HiRes (4K) support on FMX and TGIS_ControlAttributes layout. DK-10347, DK-10350
  • Number of minor bug fixes.

Full list available at Changelog.

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