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v11.16.0, released 2018-05-04

Documentation | What's new & coming | v11.16.0

This version brings OpenCL support and number of improvements:

  • Experimental OpenCL computation (viewshed at the beginning). To be available in Unstable2. All platforms except Java are supported. A sample to be available in Unstable3. DK-9977
  • Proper scaling of pattern and bitmap fills on a printer and hi-res screens. To be available in Unstable2.DK-10124
  • Support for MapInfo seamless datasets. DK1-1171
  • Fixed 3D support for MacOS. DK-10178 DK-10189
  • Viewer.UseAnimation=False turn off all animation and extent preview after zooming. DK-10197
  • Selection transparency works also for top-most layers (with CachedPaint=false). However, the visual result is slightly different. DK-1090
  • Fixed GEOREF and MGRS issues. DK-10195 DK-10201
  • TGIS_ControlAttributes are now bit nicer. DK-102094
  • Small improvements to field rules. DK-10211 DK-10214
  • Experimental new mode of dragging map (VCL,FMX, and by imhertitance in XDK): DK-10224
    // how to enable experimental code
    TGIS_Utils.GisMetadata.Values[ METADATA_PAINTPROGESSIVETRANSPARENCY     ] := '20' ;
    TGIS_Utils.GisMetadata.Values[ METADATA_PAINTPROGESSIVEFULLCACHE        ] := '1' ;
  • Improved dragging speed on VCL. DK-10230
  • Reduce memory consumption. This is a reason why we delayed 11.16 be a week. We need more testing done. DK-10237
  • Number of minor fixes and improvements.

Full list available at Changelog.

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