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v11.15.0, released 2018-03-15

Documentation | What's new & coming | v11.15.0

This version brings general fixes and improvements:

  • Make DK11 available in a scripting engine for Editor 5.
  • Template printing support for DK for Java (and few other printing improvements). DK-10112
  • Redesigned TGIS_Layer.SelecedList. DK-10149.
    It is a breaking change. Previously there was not a simple method to loop over all selected shapes. Now it can be done like this:
    // Pascal
    for i:=0 to layer.SelectedList.Count - 1 do begin
      uid := layer.SelectedList[ k ];
    // C#
    for( i=0; i < layer.SelectedList.Count; i++ )
      uid = layer.SelectedList[ k ];
  • Fixes some rare problems in topological operations. DK-10153 DK-10162
  • 3D Fixes for FMX OSX. DK-10156
  • TGIS_DataSet for Java. DK-10148
  • General bug fixes and improvements.


  • Release of DK11 for ASPNET.
  • Experimental OpenCL computation (viewshed at the beginning). Needs a bit more testing. DK-9977
  • Proper scaling of pattern and bitmap fills on a printer and hi-res screens. Needs a bit more testing. DK-10124

Full list available at Changelog.

2018/03/30 14:21

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