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v11.14.0, released 2018-02-28

Documentation | What's new & coming | v11.14.0

This version brings release if DK for Java, progressive basemaps rendering, and some fixes and improvements:

  • Java ready for Release. All appllicable layers implemented. Legend form fully operational etc. DK-10086
  • Progressive, threaded display of base maps (even upon dragging). Read more on the blog. DK-9971
  • Redesigned TGIS_LayerWebTiles caching. More reliable and faster. DK-9988, DK-10016
  • Number of improvement in HTTP handling.
  • TGIS_TinToGrid performance improvements (huge!). DK-10007
  • DK for Java now supports Java9. DK-9993 DK-10062
  • Easier way to subclass TGIS_RendererWinforms. See KB10932. DK-10022
  • Improvements in progressive display of layers like ECW mor MrSID. DK-10053
  • Shortest path fixed. Warning! Content TGIS_ShortestPathLink is now slightly different. DK-10057' DK-10058'
  • Number of bugs related to PrintTemplates and Printing fixed. DK-10045 DK-10046 DK-10046 DK-10063 DK-10064
  • Improved SVG Symbol Library creation with UTF8 support. DK-10051 DK-10052
  • Samples improved. Especially View3D. DK-9553
  • Small ActiveX improvements including crosslinking documenation against other platforms.
  • General bug fixes and improvements.

Full list available at Changelog.

2018/03/30 14:22

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