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Legend control

To drag a layer on the legend control, you must first click or tap its name on the control, hold for about 1 second to initialize dragging, then move the position up or down. Without this change, a layer can be moved accidentally.

Slow opening of project files

Opening complicated .ttkgp can be significantly slower than in DK10. The obsolete .ttkgp format is supported for compatibility purposes only and is not optimized. We strongly recommend converting a project to a new .ttkproject file, which is much faster. Some new features are also supported only by a new format.


There is a known problem with cursors support on LIBPQ driver on multithreading. If you encounter errors modify your .ttkls file:

  • RowsetSize=0 (disable cursor within shared connection). It will slow down operations only when a huge recordset is returned,
  • or set ForceNewConnection=1 to always create a new database connection for a thread. This option will be available in DK11.31.0-Unstable2.
2019/06/12 09:47