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Translation Editor

Documentation | Translation Editor

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This web service provides a way to change the default TatukGIS language translations, keep them synchronized as well as download them directly from the app itself. All users with an active account on the TatukGIS website can use the translation editor to propose their own translations.

How it works?

Whenever you propose a translation on the website we check if it is better than the translation we currently have. When when we decide a proposed translation is better we accept it and incorporate it into the next version of TatukGIS software. If you do not want to wait for the next software version, you can download your own proposed translations along with the presently accepted ones. The service will generate for you a file based on the source (EDT/DK) and language you have selected prioritizing your translations over accepted ones. So, even if the update is still pending, your translations will be included in that file.

Be aware that EDT translation is composed of both EDT and DK, while DK is stand alone.

Apart from that, every language we support but do not know the translations for will be generated automatically by a different web service. In such situations, you can notice that some translations are performed by a user named “Auto”, which indicates that the translations are made by that service.

  1. Link to tutorial - Takes you to our tutorial on how to use the Translation Editor.
  2. DK translations - Translations connected with DK which are also used in the TatukGIS Editor.
  3. EDT translations - TatukGIS Editor only translations.
  4. Force refresh from DB - For the web service to refresh the translations.
  5. Reorder columns - You can change the width or order of columns.
  6. Translation item - Each row of the table is a separate translation.
  7. Search filter - You can filter through all the items by typing an expression here.
  8. Language - You can choose translations from the language chosen from this dropbox.
  9. Download translation - Downloads your own translation file with accepted translations as well as translations made by you.

How to add new translation

  1. Left mouse click on the existing translation item.
  2. A side menu will appear.
  3. In the field “Proposed Translation” enter your new translation.
  4. Click “New translation” button.
  5. The translation is now pending and will be included in the next version of the product when TatukGIS support approves it.

Hint: You can also download your own translation file with it if you don't want to wait. More on this one below.

How to download your own translation file

  1. Select the language you want to download from the Combo box.
  2. Select either DK or EDT product from the left side menu panel.
  3. Click “Download translation” button.
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