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Command Vectorization.GridToPolygon creates polygon shapes in vector layer from connected regions of cells in grid layer sharing the same value.

For more information please visit TGIS_GridToPolygon class.


Name Required Default value Comment
Source + Source grid layer.
Destination + Destination vector layer.
Field + If not empty, the attribute field with the specified name will be populated with the elevation values of the contours.
IgnoreNoData True If true (default), cells of NoData is ommitted.
SplitShapes True If True (default), single-part polygon shapes are created; otherwise multipart shapes are created.
Tolerance 1 A minimum distinguishing value of the grid cells.


   Vectorization.GridToPolygon Source=$src Destination=$dst Field="VAL" IgnoreNoData=False SplitShapes=False Tolerance0.1
2020/04/30 14:53