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Command Interpolation.PointCloudToGrid generates a digital elevation model (grid layer) from a point cloud vector layer (e.g. LIDAR).

For more information please visit TGIS_PointCloudToGrid class.


Name Required Default value Comment
Source + Source layer, point cloud such as LIDAR; must be 3D.
Destination + Destination grid layer; this layer must have the same CS as the source layer.
Field the name of the numeric field which contains the values to be used for point cloud gridding; if empty, then the coordinate defined by the Coordinate property will be used.
Assignment Mean Defines method of assigning point values within pixel. One of the following: Count, First, Last, Min, Max, Mean, Range, IDW, NearestNeighbor.
Coordinate Z Defines which coordinate is taken as value if the gridding is not based on an attribute field. One of the following: None, Z, M, ZM.
DefaultValue 0.0 If UseDefaultValue is true, then this value will be set for each grid cell for which the value cannot be computed.
DefaultValueFormula DefaultFormula Defines cell assignment method for NoData filling. One of the following: DefaultValue, Mean, IDW, NearestNeighbor, Triangulation.
Exponent 2.0 Exponent in the formula for weight calculation (applies if Assignment=IDW).
UseDefaultValue False If true, then each grid cell for which the value cannot be computed will be set to DefaultValue.
WindowSize 3 Defines window size for filling NoDataprocess; odd value required, even values will be rounded up.


  Interpolation.PointCloudToGrid Source=$src Destination=$dst Assignment=Mean WindowSize=3 DefaultValueFormul=NearestNeighbor 
2019/10/02 14:36

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