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Command Grid.GenerateRamp generates a color ramp for grid layer.


Name Required Default value Comment
Layer + $layer1 Grid for which ramp will be generated.
StartColor Blue Starting color.
MidColor Lime Middle color.
StartColor Red End color.
MinValue Layer.MaxHeight Minimum value.
MidValue (Layer.MinHeight+Layer.MaxHeight)/2 Middle value.
MaxValue Layer.MinHeight Maximum value.
UseMiddle True If True, the middle value is used.
RampInterval (Layer.MaxHeight+Layer.MinHeight)/100 Ramp interval.
LegendInterval (Layer.MaxHeight+Layer.MinHeight)/10 Legend interval.


For defining colors Param AsText syntax is preferred but common color names, such as: Black, Blue, Yellow, etc., are allowed. Full color names list available here.


  Grid.GenerateRamp Layer=$layer1
  Grid.GenerateRamp $layer1
  Grid.GenerateRamp Layer=$layer1 StartColor="ARGB:FF000080" MidColor=Blue EndColor=Yellow MinValue=-10 MidValue=0 MaxValue=20
2020/02/24 15:08