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The Filter.Convolution command applies a mask filter on a pixel layer by convolution.

For more information visit TGIS_PixelFilterConvolution class.


Name Required Default value Comment
Source + Source pixel layer.
Destination + Destination pixel layer; can be the same as Source.
Band 1 Band to be processed; set to 0 for all bands, relevant only if ColorSpace=RGB.
ColorSpace HSL For color images only - color space in which the image is to be processed (RGB or HSL).
Type + Type of mask to be applied; see TGIS_PixelFilterMaskType enum for possible values.
Custom neutral Custom mask definition as comma-separated integers; relevant only if Type=Custom.


  Filter.Convolution Source=$src Destination=$dst Type=Laplacian3x3
2018/12/17 16:07

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