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Command Contour generates contours from a raster grid layer.

For more information please visit TGIS_ContourGenerator class.


Name Required Default value Comment
Source + Source grid layer.
Destination + Destination vector layer.
Field (empty) If not empty, the attribute field with the specified name will be populated with the elevation values of the contours.
ContourBase 0.0 The “base” relative to which contour intervals are applied.
ContourInterval 100.0 The elevation interval between generated contours.
CustomNoData False If True, the NoDataValue will be used as NoData value.
FixedLevels The list of fixed contour levels at which contours should be generated, e.g. 0,100,200,300,400,500.
MinSize 0.0 Minimum dimension in meters for generated features; Minimum length for polylines, minimum area for polygons.
Mode Polylines Type of contour generator output. One of following: Polylines, ClosedPolylines, OverlappingPolygons, Polygons.
NoDataValue -9999.0 The value to use as a NoData value.
Smoothen False If True, then the generated contours will be smoothened.
SmoothFactor 5 Smooth factor.


  Contour Source=$src Destination=$dst ContourBase=0.0 ContourInterval=200.0 MinSize=10000 Mode=ClosedPolylines
  Contour Source=$src Destination=$dst FixedLevels=0,500,1000,1500 Mode=Polygons Smoothen=True
2019/10/02 14:29

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