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tatukgis.pdk prototypes


Name Description
TGIS_AddressEvent Event checks house numbers.
TGIS_BusyEvent Event for BusyEvent.
TGIS_ControlScalePrepareEvent Event fired on preparing size of TGIS_ControlSize component.
TGIS_CursorEvent Standard event for CursorXXX events
TGIS_EditorPointChangeEvent Event to notify a point change operation.
TGIS_EditorPointMoveEvent Event to notify mouse editing of a point.
TGIS_EditorSnapPointEvent Event to call a custom snap routine.
TGIS_ForEachLayerEvent Callback event for ForEachSubLayer.
TGIS_ForEachShapeEvent Callback prototype for TGIS_LayerVector.ForEach function.
TGIS_GetLayerExtentEvent Event fired to get layer extent.
TGIS_GetLayerLastShapeUidEvent Event fired to get last layer shape uid.
TGIS_GetLineEvent GetLine event.
TGIS_GetLocalizedString Prototype for call-back procedure for GisUpdateLocalizedStrings.
TGIS_GetNativeLineEvent GetNativeLine event.
TGIS_GetNativeValueEvent GetNativeValue event.
TGIS_GetShapeFieldEvent Event fired to get shape field value.
TGIS_GetShapeGeometryEvent Event fired to get shape geometry.
TGIS_GetShapeObjectEvent Event fired to get layer shape.
TGIS_GridOperation Grid operation function.
TGIS_HelpEvent Event handler for OnHelp messages.
TGIS_HierarchyGroupEvent Standard event for OnXXXX.
TGIS_LayerDWGExtendedDataEvent ExtendedDataEvent (code: 1001).
TGIS_LayerDXFExtendedDataEvent ExtendedDataEvent (code: 1001).
TGIS_LayerEofEvent Event fired to get layer eof.
TGIS_LayerEvent Standard event for OnXXXX.
TGIS_LayerGetStructureEvent Event fired to get layer structure.
TGIS_LayerMoveFirstEvent Event fired when layer executes MoveFirst.
TGIS_LayerMoveNextEvent Event fired when layer executes MoveNext.
TGIS_LinkCostEvent Event for the link cost calculation.
TGIS_LinkDynamicEvent Event for the dynamic link cost calculation.
TGIS_LinkEvent Event for segment traverse.
TGIS_LinkLevelEvent Event for the link levels calculation.
TGIS_LinkTypeEvent Event for the link cost calculation.
TGIS_LocalizedNotificationProc Prototype for call-back procedure for notifying objects that language was changed.
TGIS_NetworkLinkEvent Event for the link cost calculation.
TGIS_NodeHeuristicCostEvent Event for the heuristic cost calculation.
TGIS_ObjectListSortCompare Comparator function type used in sort.
TGIS_PaintEvent Event handler for file BeforePaint/AfterPaint events.
TGIS_PaintExceptionEvent Standard event for exception.
TGIS_PipelineMessageEvent Event to be fired on text message, warning, or error events.
TGIS_PipelineOperationEvent Event to be fired on operation basis.
TGIS_PixelOperation Pixel (ARGB) operation function.
TGIS_PrintEvent Event for OnBeforePrint and OnAfterPrint.
TGIS_PrintMapEvent Event for OnBeforePrintMap and OnAfterPrintMap.
TGIS_PrintPageEvent Event for OnPrintPage.
TGIS_Proc Reference to function which is called upon ModalForm execute.
TGIS_PvlComboBoxHelperGetBitmapEvent Event to be fired upon selecting a bitmap.
TGIS_PvlEvent Generic PVL event.
TGIS_PvlKeyEvent PVL key event.
TGIS_PvlKeyPressEvent PVL key press event.
TGIS_QuadTreeForEachItemEvent Event fired for each item.
TGIS_ReadWriteEvent Event handler for file Read/Write events for the purpose of decoding/encoding.
TGIS_RendererEvent Handler for events using TGIS_Renderer object.
TGIS_SetUpEvent SetUp event.
TGIS_ShapeEvent Standard event for PaintXXXX.
TGIS_ShapeFieldChangeEvent Callback prototype for TGIS_LayerVector.OnShapeAttributeChange function.
TGIS_ShapePosEvent Standard event for OnPaintLabelPos.
TGIS_TemplateElementEvent Template event called for each found element.
TGIS_TemplateProducerCallBack Callback for TemplateProducer.
TGIS_TemplateProducerEvent Event handler for Template producer.
TGIS_TransformCustomProc Custom transformation.
TGIS_WaitForNotBusyProc Callback for TGIS_Viewer.WaitForNotBusy
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