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tatukgis.pdk classes


Name Description
EGIS_Exception Exception class for all GIS_Viewer exceptions.
EGIS_PaintException Exception class for GIS_Viewer paint exceptions.
IGIS_Editor Common API for shape visual editor.
IGIS_HierarchyGroup Hierarchy group class.
IGIS_HierarchyManager Hierarchy manager class.
IGIS_PrintableControl Common API for printing control.
IGIS_Printer Common API for printer control.
IGIS_PvlBase PVL Base control intraface
IGIS_PvlButton PVL Button intraface
IGIS_PvlCanvas PVL Canvas intraface
IGIS_PvlCheckBox PVL CheckBox intraface
IGIS_PvlColorBar PVL Color Bar intraface
IGIS_PvlColorComboBox PVL Color ComboBox intraface
IGIS_PvlColorPreview PVL Color Preview intraface
IGIS_PvlColorRampComboBox PVL Color Ramp ComboBox intraface
IGIS_PvlColorWheel PVL Color Wheel intraface
IGIS_PvlComboBox PVL ComboBox intraface
IGIS_PvlComboEdit PVL ComboEdit intraface
IGIS_PvlContext class of TGIS_PvlContextBase.
IGIS_PvlControl PVL Control intraface
IGIS_PvlControl3D PVL Control3D intraface
IGIS_PvlControlAttributes PVL control attributes intraface
IGIS_PvlControlLegend PVL control legend intraface
IGIS_PvlControlNorthArrow PVL control north arrow intraface
IGIS_PvlControlScale PVL control scale intraface
IGIS_PvlCustomBitmapComboBox PVL Custom Bitmap ComboBox intraface
IGIS_PvlCustomComboBox PVL Custom ComboBox intraface
IGIS_PvlEdit PVL Edit intraface
IGIS_PvlForm Basic interface for PVL forms.
IGIS_PvlGroupBox PVL Group Box intraface
IGIS_PvlIconButton PVL Icon Button intraface
IGIS_PvlLabel PVL Label intraface
IGIS_PvlListBox PVL List Box intraface
IGIS_PvlMemo PVL Memo intraface
IGIS_PvlModalButton PVL Modal Button intraface
IGIS_PvlModalForm Interface for PVL modal forms.
IGIS_PvlModalWizard Interface for modal wizards.
IGIS_PvlPanel PVL Panel intraface
IGIS_PvlPreviewPanel PVL Preview Panel intraface
IGIS_PvlRadioButton PVL Radio Button intraface
IGIS_PvlSizeComboBox PVL Size ComboBox intraface
IGIS_PvlSVGList PVL SVG List intraface
IGIS_PvlTrackBar PVL Trackbar interface
IGIS_PvlTree PVL Tree intraface
IGIS_PvlTreeNode PVL Tree Node intraface
IGIS_PvlViewerWnd PVL viewer intraface
IGIS_Subscribe Subscriber mechanism interface.
IGIS_Viewer Common API for viewer operations.
IGIS_Viewer3D Common API for 3D viewing operations.
IGIS_ViewerBmp Common API for bitmap viewers.
IGIS_ViewerParent Common API for viewer parent operations.
IGIS_ViewerWnd Common API for windows viewers.
RunPvl Methods to make quick binding possible.
TGIS_3DBasementType Shape on DEM basement enforcement (for 3D mode only).
TGIS_3DCamera Definition of a camera for the 3D view.
TGIS_3DFlyOver Implementation of the “fly over” functionality for 3D view.
TGIS_3DGroundType Z value relations enforcement (for 3D mode only).
TGIS_3DLayerType 3D interpretation mode for layer (for 3D mode only).
TGIS_3DNormalizationType Types of 3D Normalization.
TGIS_3DPathType Interpolation method for a 3D path.
TGIS_AddressMatching Class supports address matching according to defined formulas.
TGIS_AggregatorAbstract Extension of base class TGIS_DynamicAggregatorAbstract for TGIS_LayerVector.DynamicAggregator implementation.
TGIS_AggregatorBinningAbstract Base class for dynamic binning.
TGIS_AggregatorBinningHexagonAbstract Base class for dynamic binning using hexagonal grid.
TGIS_AggregatorBinningHexagonFlat This class implements the binning method using a flat-topped hexagonal grid.
TGIS_AggregatorBinningHexagonPointy This class implements the binning method using a pointy-topped hexagonal grid.
TGIS_AggregatorBinningSquare This class implements the binning method using a square grid.
TGIS_AggregatorClusteringAbstract Base class for dynamic clustering.
TGIS_AggregatorClusteringHexagonalGridAbstract Base class for dynamic clustering using hexagonal grid.
TGIS_AggregatorClusteringHexagonalGridFlat This class implements the clustering method using a flat-topped hexagonal grid.
TGIS_AggregatorClusteringHexagonalGridPointy This class implements the clustering method using a pointy-topped hexagonal grid.
TGIS_AggregatorClusteringMovingAverage This class implements the clustering method using a moving average technique.
TGIS_AggregatorClusteringSquareGrid This class implements the clustering method using a square grid.
TGIS_AggregatorShapeReduction This class implements the aggregation method based on shape reduction.
TGIS_AliasList List for aliases.
TGIS_AltitudeZone Array of mapping between altitude and color.
TGIS_ArcGISFeatureServer Encapsulation of ArcGIS feature server.
TGIS_ArcGISFeatureServerLayer Feature Service info.
TGIS_ArcGISFeatureServerLayerList List of TGIS_ArcGISFeatureServerLayer objects.
TGIS_Bitmap Platform independent Bitmap (same object for all platforms).
TGIS_BitmapAbstract Platform dependent Bitmap implementation.
TGIS_BitmapFactory Platform independent factory for platform dependent TGIS_Bitmap object.
TGIS_BitmapFormat TGIS_Bitmap supported formats
TGIS_BitmapLinesOrder TGIS_Bitmap lines order
TGIS_Brush Platform independent brush class.
TGIS_BrushStyle Platform independent brush style definition.
TGIS_BusyEventManager Class useful for progress implementation in single or multistage algorithms.
TGIS_ByteArray Array of Byte.
TGIS_CanvasInternal Encapsulate all objects connected with the native FMX canvas.
TGIS_CardinalArray Array of Cardinal.
TGIS_CharArray Array of Chars.
TGIS_ChartStyle Style of charts.
TGIS_ClassificationAbstract General class that enables performing advanced data classification in the process of creating choropleth (thematic) maps.
TGIS_ClassificationFactory Class for creating classification objects depending on the layer's type.
TGIS_ClassificationMethod Enumeration of classification methods.
TGIS_ClassificationPixel Class that enables performing advanced pixel data classification in the process of creating choropleth (thematic) maps.
TGIS_ClassificationRenderType Enumeration of visual properties which can be set for the classification process.
TGIS_ClassificationVector Class that enables performing advanced vector data classification in the process of creating choropleth (thematic) maps.
TGIS_Color Platform independent color declaration.
TGIS_ColorArray Array of TGIS_Color.
TGIS_ColorInterpolationMode Defines color interpolation method.
TGIS_ColorMap Array of color map for ramps.
TGIS_ColorMapArray Array of TGIS_ColorMap.
TGIS_ColorMapEx Array of color map for ramps.
TGIS_ColorMapExArray Array of TGIS_ColorMap.
TGIS_ColorMapMode Defines colormap mode.
TGIS_ColorRampList List object for color ramps.
TGIS_ColorSchema Color schema types.
TGIS_Complex Complex number.
TGIS_CompressionType Compression types.
TGIS_Config Encapsulation of layer configuration file.
TGIS_ConfigAbstract Stub parent for TGIS_Config.
TGIS_ConfigFactory Encapsulation of configuration file factory.
TGIS_ConfigFormat Types of config format.
TGIS_ConfigIni Encapsulation of layer configuration file.
TGIS_ConfigProjectIni Encapsulation of project configuration file.
TGIS_ConfigProjectXml Encapsulation of project configuration file.
TGIS_ConfigShapeStyle Encapsulation of shape level style.
TGIS_ConfigXml Encapsulation of layer configuration file.
TGIS_ContentType Content type types.
TGIS_ContourGenerator Implementation of the contour (isohypse) generation algorithm for grid/DEM layers.
TGIS_ContourGeneratorMode Specifies output type for contouring process.
TGIS_Control3D A component which allows easy control of the 3D view inside a TGIS_ViewerWnd component instance.
TGIS_Control3DOption Defines which controls are to be displayed within the component.
TGIS_ControlAttributes Visual Shape attributes component.
TGIS_ControlColor Visual form for managing bitmaps.
TGIS_ControlCSSystem Dialog box to select coordinate system from the lists of existing (predefined) Coordinate Systems.
TGIS_ControlCSSystemSetup Dialog box to alter existing Coordinate System.
TGIS_ControlFont Visual form for managing font symbols.
TGIS_ControlLegend Visual Legend component.
TGIS_ControlLegendDialogOptions Dialog options.
TGIS_ControlLegendForm Visual form for managing various layer properties.
TGIS_ControlLegendMode Modes for TGIS_Legend.
TGIS_ControlLegendOption Options for TGIS_Legend.
TGIS_ControlLegendStyledSetting Styled settings.
TGIS_ControlNorthArrow Visual control for displaying map North Arrow.
TGIS_ControlNorthArrowStyle North arrow stock styles
TGIS_ControlNorthArrowStyledSetting Styled settings.
TGIS_ControlPrintPreview Control for managing print preview.
TGIS_ControlPrintPreviewForm Print preview form.
TGIS_ControlPrintPreviewSimple Control for managing print preview.
TGIS_ControlScale Visual control for displaying map scale.
TGIS_ControlScaleStyledSetting Styled settings.
TGIS_CSAbstract Base class for any WKT units
TGIS_CSAbstractList Base class for any WKT unit list
TGIS_CSAbstractListEnumerator Enumerator for TGIS_CSAbstractList.
TGIS_CSArea Area name.
TGIS_CSAreaList List of datum area.
TGIS_CSCoordinateSystem A Coordinate system.
TGIS_CSDatum A datum type.
TGIS_CSDatumList List of all datums.
TGIS_CSEllipsoid An ellipsoid item.
TGIS_CSEllipsoidList List of ellipsoids.
TGIS_CSFactory Class to create Coordinate System Object from WKT or EPSG codes.
TGIS_CSFactoryEsri Class to create Coordinate System Object from ESRI like projection file.
TGIS_CSFactoryMapInfo Class to create Coordinate System Object or extract identifiers and parameters from Mapinfo data.
TGIS_CSGeographicCoordinateSystem A Geographic Coordinate system.
TGIS_CSGeographicCoordinateSystemList List of all Geographic Coordinate Systems.
TGIS_CSMapinfoDatumsMap Map MapInfo datums to build to datums.
TGIS_CSMapinfoEllipsoidMap Map MapInfo units (as id) to build to units.
TGIS_CSMapinfoProjectionsMap Map MapInfo projections to build to projections.
TGIS_CSMapinfoUnits2Map Map MapInfo units (as id) to build to units.
TGIS_CSMapinfoUnitsMap Map MapInfo units (as literal) to build to units.
TGIS_CSPrimeMeridian Prime meridians.
TGIS_CSPrimeMeridianList List of prime meridians.
TGIS_CSProjAbstract Class which encapsulates projection.
TGIS_CSProjAiry Projection Airy.
TGIS_CSProjAitof Projection Aitof.
TGIS_CSProjAlbers Projection Albers Equal Area.
TGIS_CSProjApianGlobular_I Apian Globular I This component provides conversions between geodetic coordinates (latitude and longitude in radians) and Apian Globular I projection coordinates (easting and northing in meters).
TGIS_CSProjAugust Projection August.
TGIS_CSProjAzimuthalEquidistant Projection Azimuthal Equal Area.
TGIS_CSProjBaconGlobular Projection Bacon Globular.
TGIS_CSProjBehrmann Projection Behrmann.
TGIS_CSProjBipolarConic Projection Bipolar conic of western hemisphere.
TGIS_CSProjBoggsEumorphic Projection Boggs Eumorphic.
TGIS_CSProjBonne Projection Bonne.
TGIS_CSProjBonneSouthOriented Projection Bonne South Oriented.
TGIS_CSProjCassini Projection Cassini.
TGIS_CSProjCentralCylindrical Projection Central Cylindrical.
TGIS_CSProjChamberlinTrimetric Projection Chamberlin Trimetric.
TGIS_CSProjChamberlinTrimetric_Record1 Helper record for Chamberlin Trimetric.
TGIS_CSProjCollignon Projection Collignon Pseudocylindrical.
TGIS_CSProjCrasterParabolic Projection Parabolic Craster.
TGIS_CSProjEckert_I Projection Eckert I.
TGIS_CSProjEckert_II Projection Eckert II.
TGIS_CSProjEckert_III Projection Eckert III.
TGIS_CSProjEckert_IV Projection Eckert IV.
TGIS_CSProjEckert_V Projection Eckert V.
TGIS_CSProjEckert_VI Projection Eckert VI.
TGIS_CSProjectedCoordinateSystem A Projected Coordinate system.
TGIS_CSProjectedCoordinateSystemList List of all Projected Coordinate Systems.
TGIS_CSProjEqualAreaCylindrical Projection Equal Area Cylindrical.
TGIS_CSProjEquidistantConic Projection Equidistant Conic.
TGIS_CSProjEquidistantTwoPoint Projection Equidistant Two Point.
TGIS_CSProjEuler Projection Euler.
TGIS_CSProjF16GRS Projection F-16 Grid Reference System.
TGIS_CSProjFahey Projection Fahey.
TGIS_CSProjFlatPolarParabolic Projection Flat-Polar Parabolic (McBryde-Thomas Flat-Polar Parabolic).
TGIS_CSProjFlatPolarQuartic Projection Flat-Polar Quartic (McBryde-Thomas Flat-Polar Quartic).
TGIS_CSProjFlatPolarSine1 Projection McBryde-Thomas Flat-Polar Sine (No.
TGIS_CSProjFlatPolarSine2 Projection McBryde-Thomas Flat-Polar Sine (No.
TGIS_CSProjFlatPolarSinusoidal Projection Flat-Polar Sinusoidal (McBryde-Thomas Flat-Polar Sinusoidal).
TGIS_CSProjFoucautPseudocylindrical Projection Prepetit Foucaut Pseudocylindrical.
TGIS_CSProjFoucautSinusoidal Projection Foucaut Sinusoidal.
TGIS_CSProjGallOrthographic Projection Gall Orthographic.
TGIS_CSProjGallStereographic Projection Gall Stereographic.
TGIS_CSProjGeocentric Projection Geocentric.
TGIS_CSProjGinsburg_VIII Projection Ginsburg VIII (TsNIIGAiK).
TGIS_CSProjGnomic Projection Gnomic.
TGIS_CSProjGoodeHomolosine Projection Goode Homolosine.
TGIS_CSProjGridAbstract Base class for string grids systems.
TGIS_CSProjGS48 Projection GS48 (Modified Stererographics of 48 U.S).
TGIS_CSProjGS50 Projection GS50 (Modified Stererographics of 50 U.S).
TGIS_CSProjHammer Projection Hammer & Eckert-Greifendorff.
TGIS_CSProjHatano Projection Hatano Asymmetrical Equal Area.
TGIS_CSProjHotineObliqueMercator Projection Hotine Oblique Mercator Azimuth.
TGIS_CSProjHotineObliqueMercatorAzimuthCenter Projection Hotine Oblique Mercator Azimuth Center.
TGIS_CSProjHotineObliqueMercatorAzimuthNaturalOrigin Projection Hotine Oblique Mercator Azimuth Natural Origin.
TGIS_CSProjHotineObliqueMercatorTwoPoint Projection Hotine Oblique Mercator Two Point.
TGIS_CSProjInternationalMapWorldPolyconic Projection International Map of the World Polyconic.
TGIS_CSProjKavraisky_V Projection Kavraisky V.
TGIS_CSProjKavraisky_VII Projection Kavraisky VII.
TGIS_CSProjKrovak Projection Krovak.
TGIS_CSProjKrovakModified Projection Krovak Modified.
TGIS_CSProjKrovakModifiedNorthOriented Projection Krovak Modified North Oriented.
TGIS_CSProjKrovakNorthOriented Projection Krovak North Oriented.
TGIS_CSProjLabordeMadagaskar Projection Laborde Special for Madagaskar.
TGIS_CSProjLagrange Projection Lagrange.
TGIS_CSProjLambert Projection Lambert Equal Area.
TGIS_CSProjLambertAzimuthalEqualArea Projection Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area.
TGIS_CSProjLambertConformalConic Projection Lambert Conformal Conic.
TGIS_CSProjLambertConformalConicWestOriented Projection Lambert Conformal Conic West Oriented.
TGIS_CSProjLambertConformalConic_1SP Projection Lambert Conformal Conic 1SP.
TGIS_CSProjLandsat Projection Space Oblique Mercator for Landsat
TGIS_CSProjLarrivee Projection Larrivee.
TGIS_CSProjLaskowski Projection Laskowski.
TGIS_CSProjLeeOblatedStereographic Projection Lee Oblated Stereographic.
TGIS_CSProjList List of all projections.
TGIS_CSProjLoximuthal Projection Loximuthal.
TGIS_CSProjMercator Projection Mercator.
TGIS_CSProjMercator_1SP_Spherical Projection Mercator.
TGIS_CSProjMGRS Projection Military Reference Grid System (MGRS).
TGIS_CSProjMillerCylindrical Projection Miller Cylindrical.
TGIS_CSProjMillerOblatedStereographic Projection Miller Oblated Stereographic.
TGIS_CSProjModifiedStererographicsForAlaska Projection Modified Stererographics of Alaska.
TGIS_CSProjMollweide Projection Mollweide.
TGIS_CSProjMurdoch_I Projection Murdoch I.
TGIS_CSProjMurdoch_II Projection Murdoch II.
TGIS_CSProjMurdoch_III Projection Murdoch III.
TGIS_CSProjNell Projection Nell.
TGIS_CSProjNellHammer Projection Nell-Hammer.
TGIS_CSProjNewZealandMapGrid New Zealand Map Grid.
TGIS_CSProjNicolosiGlobular Projection Nicolosi Globular.
TGIS_CSProjOblatedEqualArea Projection Oblated Equal Area.
TGIS_CSProjObliqueCylindricalEqualAreaAzimuth Projection Oblique Cylindrical Equal Area (Azimuth).
TGIS_CSProjObliqueCylindricalEqualAreaTwoPoint Projection Oblique Cylindrical Equal Area (Two Point).
TGIS_CSProjObliqueStereographic Oblique Stereographic aka Double Stereographic
TGIS_CSProjOrteliusOval Projection Ortelius Oval.
TGIS_CSProjOrthographic Projection Orthographic.
TGIS_CSProjParameter Possible projection parameters.
TGIS_CSProjParameters Projection parameters.
TGIS_CSProjParametersInternal Projection parameters.
TGIS_CSProjPerspectiveConic Projection Perspective Conic.
TGIS_CSProjPlateCarree Projection Plate Carree (Equidistant Cylindrical).
TGIS_CSProjPolarStereographic Projection Polar Stereographic.
TGIS_CSProjPolarStereographic_B Projection Polar Stereographic B.
TGIS_CSProjPolarStereographic_C Projection Polar Stereographic C.
TGIS_CSProjPolyconicAmerican Projection Polyconic (American).
TGIS_CSProjPutnins_P1 Projection Putnins P1.
TGIS_CSProjPutnins_P2 Projection Putnins P2.
TGIS_CSProjPutnins_P3 Projection Putnins P3.
TGIS_CSProjPutnins_P3p Projection Putnins P3'.
TGIS_CSProjPutnins_P4p Projection Putnins P4'.
TGIS_CSProjPutnins_P5 Projection Putnins P5.
TGIS_CSProjPutnins_P5p Projection Putnins P5'.
TGIS_CSProjPutnins_P6 Projection Putnins P6.
TGIS_CSProjPutnins_P6p Projection Putnins P6'.
TGIS_CSProjQuarticAuthalic Projection Quartic Authalic.
TGIS_CSProjRectangularPolyconic Projection Rectangular Polyconic.
TGIS_CSProjRobinson Projection Robinson.
TGIS_CSProjSinusoidal Projection Sinusoidal (Sanson-Flamsteed).
TGIS_CSProjStereographic Projection Stereographic.
TGIS_CSProjSwissObliqueMercator Projection Swiss Oblique Mercator.
TGIS_CSProjTissot Projection Tissot.
TGIS_CSProjTransverseCentralCylindrical Projection Transverse Central Cylindrical.
TGIS_CSProjTransverseCylindricalEqualArea Projection Transverse Cylindrical Equal Area.
TGIS_CSProjTransverseMercator Projection Transverse Mercator.
TGIS_CSProjTransverseMercatorOld Projection Transverse Mercator - old definition.
TGIS_CSProjTransverseMercatorSouthOriented Projection Transverse Mercator South Oriented.
TGIS_CSProjType Projection type.
TGIS_CSProjUniversalPolarStereographic Projection Universal Polar Stereographic.
TGIS_CSProjUniversalTransverseMercator Projection Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM).
TGIS_CSProjUrmaevFlatPolarSinusoidal Projection Urmaev Flat-Polar Sinusoidal.
TGIS_CSProjUrmaev_V Projection Urmaev V.
TGIS_CSProjVanDerGrinten_I Projection van der Grinten (I).
TGIS_CSProjVanDerGrinten_II Projection van der Grinten II.
TGIS_CSProjVanDerGrinten_III Projection van der Grinten III.
TGIS_CSProjVanDerGrinten_IV Projection van der Grinten IV.
TGIS_CSProjVitkovsky_I Projection Vitkovsky I.
TGIS_CSProjWagner_I Projection Wagner I.
TGIS_CSProjWagner_II Projection Wagner II.
TGIS_CSProjWagner_III Projection Wagner III.
TGIS_CSProjWagner_IV Projection Wagner IV.
TGIS_CSProjWagner_V Projection Wagner V.
TGIS_CSProjWagner_VI Projection Wagner VI.
TGIS_CSProjWagner_VII Projection Wagner VII.
TGIS_CSProjWerenskiold_I Projection Werenskiold I.
TGIS_CSProjWerner Projection Werner.
TGIS_CSProjWinkelTripel Projection Winkel Tripel.
TGIS_CSProjWinkel_I Projection Winkel I.
TGIS_CSProjWinkel_II Projection Winkel II.
TGIS_CSTransformAbstract A datum transformation type.
TGIS_CSTransformCoordinateFrameRotation A datum transformation type.
TGIS_CSTransformGeocentricTranslations A datum transformation type.
TGIS_CSTransformGeographicalAndHighOffsets A datum transformation type.
TGIS_CSTransformGeographicalOffsets A datum transformation type.
TGIS_CSTransformGridShift A datum transformation type.
TGIS_CSTransformList List of all datum transformations.
TGIS_CSTransformMolodenskiBadekas A datum transformation type.
TGIS_CSTransformNadcon A datum transformation type.
TGIS_CSTransformNTV2 A datum transformation type.
TGIS_CSTransformPositionVector7Params A datum transformation type.
TGIS_CSUnits Unit of measurement (linear, angular or areal)
TGIS_CSUnitsList List of units.
TGIS_CSUnitsType Type of units.
TGIS_CSUnknownCoordinateSystem An Unknown Projected Coordinate system.
TGIS_CubicSplines Implementation of cubic splines for path generation in 3D.
TGIS_CUDADeviceInfo Provides information about a CUDA device.
TGIS_CUDAEngine Provides the means to initialize and enable the CUDA computing engine.
TGIS_CUDAProgram Provides the means to execute a CUDA program.
TGIS_CustomPrinterPreview Encapsulation of custom print preview printer used in preview.
TGIS_DataSet Dataset providing data from the TGIS_LayerVector.
TGIS_DemGenerator Fast DEM operations on a 3×3 pixel window.
TGIS_DemOperation Basic operation definition to run on dem.
TGIS_DemOperationAspect Generate an aspect map from elevation raster.
TGIS_DemOperationFlowDir Generate a flow directions map from elevation raster.
TGIS_DemOperationHillShade Generate a shaded relief map from elevation raster.
TGIS_DemOperationMatrixGain Generate a matrix gained map from elevation raster.
TGIS_DemOperationRoughness Generate a roughness map from elevation raster.
TGIS_DemOperationSlope Generate a slope map from elevation raster.
TGIS_DemOperationSlopeHydro Generate a hydrological slope map from elevation raster.
TGIS_DemOperationTotalCurvature Generate a total curvature map from elevation raster.
TGIS_DemOperationTPI Generate a Topographic Position Index map from elevation raster.
TGIS_DemOperationTRI Generate a Terrain Ruggedness Index map from elevation raster.
TGIS_DemSlopeMode Degrees or Percent slope mode.
TGIS_DemTotalCurvatureMode Total Curvature Modes.
TGIS_DeveloperKernelTypes Type of DK compilation - for internal use mainly.
TGIS_DimensionType Types of dimension.
TGIS_DoubleArray Array of Double.
TGIS_DrawBuf Array of Points for drawing purposes,
TGIS_DrawBufF Array of PointsF for drawing purposes,
TGIS_DrawMode Shows what scope of the layers must be drawn.
TGIS_DynamicAggregatorAbstract Base class for TGIS_LayerVector.DynamicAggregator implementation.
TGIS_DynamicAggregatorFactory Factory to manage registration and initialization of aggregators.
TGIS_DynamicAggregatorValue Aggregated value to be stored in shape TagPointer property.
TGIS_Editor Editor encapsulation.
TGIS_EditorAction For internal use of TGIS_Editor.
TGIS_EditorEdgeLengthsStyle Editor editing edge lengths style.
TGIS_EditorEditingPointsStyle Editor editing points style.
TGIS_EditorHelper Helper for drawing extra content on canvas during editing.
TGIS_EditorMode Editor vertex adding mode.
TGIS_EditorModeEx For internal use of TGIS_Editor.
TGIS_EditorOperation Editor operations.
TGIS_EditorPartState For internal use of TGIS_Editor.
TGIS_EditorPointState For internal use of TGIS_Editor.
TGIS_EditorSnapResultType Editor snap result type.
TGIS_EditorSnapType Editor snap type.
TGIS_EditorStyle Editor style.
TGIS_EditorToolAbstract Base editor tool class.
TGIS_EditorToolArc Tool for building arc using different modes.
TGIS_EditorToolArcMode Modes of arc tool.
TGIS_EditorToolCircle Tool for building circle (center, radius).
TGIS_EditorToolCircle3P Tool for building circle based on three points.
TGIS_EditorToolLine Tool for building line.
TGIS_EditorToolLockedParams Keeps locked parameters for the editor helper.
TGIS_EditorToolRectangle Tool for building rectangle.
TGIS_EditorToolRectangle90 Tool for building rectangle rotated 90 deg.
TGIS_EnvironmentInfo Structure for determining basic environment information.
TGIS_Extent Like TRect, but based on doubles instead of integers.
TGIS_Extent3D Like TGIS_Extent, but 3rd dimension added.
TGIS_ExtentUid Like TRect, but based on doubles instead of integers.
TGIS_FieldFlags Supported field flags.
TGIS_FieldInfo Field structure information.
TGIS_FieldInfoList List of TGIS_FieldInfo objects.
TGIS_FieldRule Class responsible for complete rule based editing of the attribute field.
TGIS_FieldRulesOperations Contains methods for saving and loading fieldrules.
TGIS_FieldType Supported field types.
TGIS_FieldValueAlias Alias value representation.
TGIS_FieldValueAliases List of aliases.
TGIS_FieldValueAliasList List of TGIS_FieldValueAlias objects.
TGIS_FieldValueCheck Value check representation.
TGIS_FieldValueCheckFormula Type of formula checks.
TGIS_FieldValueCheckList List of TGIS_FieldValueCheckList objects.
TGIS_FieldValueCheckMode Behavior of value checks.
TGIS_FieldValueChecks List of checks.
TGIS_FieldValues List of allowed values for a list.
TGIS_FieldValuesMode Hint of how filed should be represented upon editing.
TGIS_FileType Supported files types.
TGIS_FileWFS Encapsulation of a WFS provider.
TGIS_Font Platform independent font class.
TGIS_FontFactory Platform independent factory for platform dependent TGIS_Font object.
TGIS_FontStyle Platform independent font style definition.
TGIS_FourierTransform Encapsulation of one- and two-dimensional Discrete and Fast Fourier Transform (DFT and FFT) for a real-valued signal.
TGIS_GaussianHeatmap Fast heatmap generator, creates superposition of normal (Gaussian) distribution for each data point.
TGIS_Geocoding Class encapsulates Geocoding support.
TGIS_GeometryFactory Factory for converting different formats into a shape and reverse.
TGIS_GeometryFactoryEnt Factory for converting different formats into a shape and reverse.
TGIS_GestureState Platform independent gesture state.
TGIS_GradientMap Structure of a gradient color ramp.
TGIS_GradientMapUnique Structure of a gradient color ramp.
TGIS_Graticule Object which defines graticules behavior.
TGIS_GraticuleHelper Helper for drawing graticule.
TGIS_GraticuleLabel Object defining graticule labels presentation.
TGIS_GraticuleLabelOrientation Graticule line label orientation.
TGIS_GraticuleLabelPosition Graticule position against graticule line.
TGIS_GraticuleMode Graticule mode
TGIS_GraticuleStyle Object defining graticule lines presentation.
TGIS_GridArray Array of Array of Single (array of grid image lines- point[row][column]).
TGIS_GridToPoint Class that enables grid to vector (point) conversion.
TGIS_GridToPolygon Class that enables grid to vector (polygon) conversion.
TGIS_GridToVectorAbstract Abstract class for all classes which implement vector generation from grid layers.
TGIS_HeuristicMode Heuristic mode for path calculations
TGIS_HierarchyGroup Hierarchy group class.
TGIS_HierarchyManager Hierarchy manager class.
TGIS_Hillshade Hillshade generator for digital terrain models.
TGIS_HtmlLabel Formatted HTML label.
TGIS_HttpResponse Http response.
TGIS_Hydrology A class containing the most commonly used hydrological tools.
TGIS_HydrologyStreamOrderMethod Specifies stream ordering methods.
TGIS_ImportProject Class for importing MapView & MapInfo projects.
TGIS_IniFile Encapsulation of configuration file reader.
TGIS_InsideType Types of IsInside checking.
TGIS_IntegerArray Array of Integer.
TGIS_IntegerGridArray Array of Array of Integer
TGIS_InterpolatedPath Base class for methods for path interpolation.
TGIS_InterpolationIDW Implementation of the Inverse Distance Weighting (IDW) interpolation method.
TGIS_InterpolationKriging Implementation of the ordinary Kriging interpolation method.
TGIS_InterpolationMethod Defines an interpolation method.
TGIS_InterpolationSplines Implementation of the Completely Regularized Splines (CRS) interpolation method.
TGIS_IsochroneMap Network analysis tool for creating isochrone maps - for a given point finds the network area reachable within a given maximum network traversing cost.
TGIS_LabelAlignment Alignment within label.
TGIS_LabelPosition Position of a label.
TGIS_LabelsArea Label area allocator.
TGIS_LabelsAreaAbstract Stub parent for TGIS_LabelsArea.
TGIS_Layer General layer class.
TGIS_LayerAbstract Stub parent for TGIS_Layer.
TGIS_LayerAbstractList List of TGIS_Layer objects.
TGIS_LayerADF Encapsulation of an Arcinfo Float(Binary) Grid layer.
TGIS_LayerBIL Encapsulation of BIL (SPOT) layer.
TGIS_LayerBMP Encapsulation of bitmap layer.
TGIS_LayerBT Encapsulation of Binary Terrian Grid layer.
TGIS_LayerCADRG Encapsulation of CADRG layer.
TGIS_LayerCompoundAbstract General compound layer class is a container for other layers.
TGIS_LayerCompoundPixel Pixel compound layer class.
TGIS_LayerCompoundVector Vector compound layer class.
TGIS_LayerCSV Layer which can read a CSV text file.
TGIS_LayerDelaunay Encapsulation of Delaunay layer.
TGIS_LayerDEM Encapsulation of an USGS DEM Ascii Grid layer.
TGIS_LayerDGN Layer that can read DGN file.
TGIS_LayerDLG Layer which can read & write a DLG (Digital Line Graphs) file.
TGIS_LayerDormantMode Basic modes of layer Dormant operations:
TGIS_LayerDTED Encapsulation of Binary Terrian Grid layer.
TGIS_LayerDWG Layer which can read AutoCAD DWG file.
TGIS_LayerDXF Layer that can read DXF file.
TGIS_LayerE00 Layer that can read E00 file.
TGIS_LayerFLT Encapsulation of an Arcinfo Float(Binary) Grid layer.
TGIS_LayerGDF Layer that can read GDF file.
TGIS_LayerGeoraster Encapsulation of Oracle Georaster access layer.
TGIS_LayerGeorasterOci Encapsulation of Oracle Georaster access layer.
TGIS_LayerGIF Encapsulation of GIF layer.
TGIS_LayerGML Encapsulation of a GML Layer.
TGIS_LayerGPX Encapsulation of a GPX Layer.
TGIS_LayerGPXDataType GPX internal data types.
TGIS_LayerGRD Encapsulation of an Arcinfo ASCII Grid, Surfer ASCII Grid, Surfer 6 binary Grid and Surfer 7 binary Grid
TGIS_LayerGroup General group layer class.
TGIS_LayerGSHHS Layer which can read a GSHHS file.
TGIS_LayerIMG Encapsulation of IMG (ERDAS IMAGINE) layer.
TGIS_LayerInfo Class storing a basic layer information.
TGIS_LayerInfoList List of TGIS_LayerInfo objects.
TGIS_LayerJPG Encapsulation of a JPEG layer.
TGIS_LayerJSON Layer which can read a JSON text file.
TGIS_LayerKML Encapsulation of the KML vector Layer.
TGIS_LayerLandXML Encapsulation of a LandXML Layer.
TGIS_LayerLAS Layer that can read LAS file.
TGIS_LayerMIF Layer which can read a MIF/MID file.
TGIS_LayerMVT Encapsulation of MVT layer.
TGIS_LayerOSM Encapsulation of a OSM Layer.
TGIS_LayerPixel Encapsulation of a common image layer - abstract class.
TGIS_LayerPixelEnumerator Layer enumerator.
TGIS_LayerPixelEnumeratorFactory Factory class for TGIS_LayerPixelEnumerator.
TGIS_LayerPixelInterpretation Definition of layer interpretation.
TGIS_LayerPixelLock Structure of locked image area.
TGIS_LayerPixelSqlAbstract SQL-based pixel layer class encapsulation.
TGIS_LayerPixelStoreAbstract Encapsulation of PixelStore layer.
TGIS_LayerPixelStoreFireDac Encapsulation of PixelStore layer via FireDAC.
TGIS_LayerPixelStoreLibpq Encapsulation of PixelStore layer via PostgreSQL client library libpq.
TGIS_LayerPixelStoreOci Encapsulation of PixelStore layer via Oci.
TGIS_LayerPixelStoreSqlite Encapsulation of PixelStore layer via Sqlite.
TGIS_LayerPixelSubFormat Pixel file capabilities.
TGIS_LayerPixelSubFormatList List of TGIS_LayerPixelSubFormat objects.
TGIS_LayerPixelTile Structure of pixel tile.
TGIS_LayerPixelUDF Encapsulation of pixel UDF layer.
TGIS_LayerPLY Layer which can read a PLY file.
TGIS_LayerPNG Encapsulation of a PNG layer.
TGIS_LayerProject General project layer class.
TGIS_LayerS57 Encapsulation of S57 layer.
TGIS_LayerSaveOptions Layer save options.
TGIS_LayerSDTS_RPE Encapsulation of SDTS RPE layer.
TGIS_LayerSDTS_TVP Encapsulation of SDTS TVP layer.
TGIS_LayerSGRD Encapsulation of SAGA GIS Binary Grid layer.
TGIS_LayerSHP Layer that can read SHP file.
TGIS_LayerSqlAbstract Encapsulation of abstract SQL layer.
TGIS_LayerSqlAnywhereAbstract Encapsulation of abstract Sybase SQL Anywhere Spatial SQL layer.
TGIS_LayerSqlDb2Abstract Encapsulation of abstract IBM DB2 Spatial Extender SQL layer.
TGIS_LayerSqlDb2FireDac Layer that can read IBM DB2 Spatial Extender layer via FireDac.
TGIS_LayerSqlFireDac Layer that can read SQL data via FireDac.
TGIS_LayerSqlGmAbstract Encapsulation of abstract GeoMedia SQL layer.
TGIS_LayerSqlGmFireDac Encapsulation of GeoMedia SQL layer via FireDac (dbExpress).
TGIS_LayerSqlGmMsSpatialAbstract Encapsulation of abstract Geomedia SQL Server Native Spatial layer.
TGIS_LayerSqlGmSdoAbstract Encapsulation of Geomedia Oracle Object Model access layer.
TGIS_LayerSqlGmSdoOci Encapsulation of Geomedia Oracle Object Model access layer.
TGIS_LayerSqlGpkgAbstract Encapsulation of abstract GeoPackage SQL layer.
TGIS_LayerSqlGpkgSqlite Layer that can read GeoPackage via Sqlite.
TGIS_LayerSqlIfxAbstract Encapsulation of abstract IBM Informix Spatial Data Blade SQL layer.
TGIS_LayerSqlIfxFireDac Layer that can read IBM Informix Spatial Data Blade layer via FireDac.
TGIS_LayerSqlLibpq Layer that can read SQL file via PostgreSQL client library libpq.dll.
TGIS_LayerSqlMsSpatialAbstract Layer that can read MSSQL 2008 and higher SQL Spatial data.
TGIS_LayerSqlOci Layer that can read SQL file via OCI.
TGIS_LayerSqlOgisAbstract Encapsulation of abstract OpenGIS SQL layer.
TGIS_LayerSqlOgisFireDac Layer that can read OpenGIS SQL data via FireDAC.
TGIS_LayerSqlOgisOci Layer that can read OpenGIS SQL file via Oci.
TGIS_LayerSqlOgisSqlite Layer that can read OpenGIS SQL file via Sqlite.
TGIS_LayerSqlPgdbAbstract Encapsulation of abstract ESRI Personal Geodatabase SQL layer.
TGIS_LayerSqlPgdbFireDac Layer that can read ESRI Personal Geodatabase SQL layer via FireDac.
TGIS_LayerSqlPgisAbstract Encapsulation of abstract PostGIS SQL layer.
TGIS_LayerSqlPgisFireDac Layer that can read PostGIS SQL layer via FireDac .
TGIS_LayerSqlSdeAbstract Encapsulation of abstract ArcSDE SQL layer.
TGIS_LayerSqlSdeFireDac Layer that can read ArcSDE SQL layer via FireDac .
TGIS_LayerSqlSdeOci Layer that can read ArcSDE SQL layer via Oci.
TGIS_LayerSqlSdoAbstract Encapsulation of Oracle Spatial access layer.
TGIS_LayerSqlSdoOci Encapsulation of Oracle Spatial access layer.
TGIS_LayerSqlSdoPcAbstract Encapsulation of Oracle Spatial Point Cloud access layer.
TGIS_LayerSqlSdoPcOci Encapsulation of Oracle Spatial Point Cloud access layer.
TGIS_LayerSqlSdoTinAbstract Encapsulation of Oracle Spatial Tin access layer.
TGIS_LayerSqlSdoTinOci Encapsulation of Oracle Spatial Tin access layer.
TGIS_LayerSqlSqlite Layer that can read SQL file via Sqlite.
TGIS_LayerSqlSwAbstract Encapsulation of abstract MapInfo SpatialWare SQL layer.
TGIS_LayerSqlSwFireDac Encapsulation of MapInfo SpatialWare SQL layer via FireDac .
TGIS_LayerSRTM Encapsulation of an Arcinfo Float(Binary) Grid layer.
TGIS_LayerSTL Encapsulation of the Standard Tessellation Language (STL) file format (stereolitography CAD).
TGIS_LayerSublayer Sublayer class represents a 'virtual' views of the normal layer.
TGIS_LayerSublayerPixel Sublayer pixel class represents a 'virtual' views of the normal layer.
TGIS_LayerSublayerVector Sublayer vector class represents a 'virtual' views of the normal layer.
TGIS_LayerSubType Layer subtype.
TGIS_LayerTAB Layer that can read TAB file.
TGIS_LayerTIFF Encapsulation of a TIFF layer.
TGIS_LayerTiger Layer that can read TIGER/Line 2000 (or later) files.
TGIS_LayerVector General layer class for vector layers.
TGIS_LayerVectorDirectWriteHelper Helper for direct writing into a layer storage.
TGIS_LayerVectorEnumerator Vector layer enumerator.
TGIS_LayerVectorEnumeratorFactory Factory class for TGIS_LayerVectorEnumerator.
TGIS_LayerVectorMergeHelper Helper for merging the data into an existing layer.
TGIS_LayerVectorSqlAbstract Class encapsulation.
TGIS_LayerVectorUDF Encapsulation of User Defined Vector layer.
TGIS_LayerVoronoi Encapsulation of Voronoi layer.
TGIS_LayerVPF Layer that can read VPF dataset.
TGIS_LayerWCS Encapsulation of an OpenGIS WCS layer.
TGIS_LayerWebTileLod Level of details (LOD) specification.
TGIS_LayerWebTiles Encapsulation of tiled image layer (usually web tiles).
TGIS_LayerWexBIM Encapsulation of WexBIM file format (IFC for web).
TGIS_LayerWFS Encapsulation of an OpenGIS WFS layer.
TGIS_LayerWMS Encapsulation of an OpenGIS WMS layer.
TGIS_LayerWMTS Encapsulation of an OpenGIS WMTS layer.
TGIS_LayerXYZ Layer which can read a XYZ or ASC text file.
TGIS_LayoutType Two layout types for attributes control.
TGIS_LegendIconFactory A utility class which prepares the feature icons that appear in the legend.
TGIS_LegendIconStyle Style of legend icons.
TGIS_LegendIconType The type of feature for which TGIS_LegendIconFactory prepares the icon.
TGIS_Line Line between two points.
TGIS_Line3D Line between two 3D points.
TGIS_LinearPath Implementation of linear interpolation for path generation in 3D.
TGIS_LineCap Platform independent pen cap style.
TGIS_LineJoin Platform independent pen join style.
TGIS_LineSymbolParser Utility for dealing with a string that is to become a TGIS_SymbolLineEx.
TGIS_ListOfDoubles Alias for TList<Double>.
TGIS_ListOfIntegers Alias for TList<Integer>.
TGIS_ListOfStrings Alias for TList<String>.
TGIS_ListOfVariants Alias for TList<Variant>.
TGIS_LocalizedNotification Notification class.
TGIS_Lock Types of shape locking.
TGIS_Logger Class responsible for logging.
TGIS_LoggerType Type of logged event
TGIS_MapZone Zone mapping.
TGIS_MarkerStyle Style of markers.
TGIS_Material Material.
TGIS_Materials Class managing a list of texture materials.
TGIS_Matrix Matrix of double precision real numbers.
TGIS_Matrix3x3 Matrix type.
TGIS_ModalForm Utility class to simplify creation of DFM-free dialog boxes.
TGIS_MultiUser Type for multi-user work mode.
TGIS_MVTStyler Encapsulation of Mapbox Vector Tiles styler.
TGIS_Network Class for storing and retrieving network graph for TGIS_ShortestPathLink purposes and other network analysis classes.
TGIS_NetworkCandidate State of node in the list of candidates.
TGIS_NetworkFile Simple file based network storage.
TGIS_NetworkLink Network Link.
TGIS_NetworkNode Network node.
TGIS_NetworkObject Base object for network operations.
TGIS_NetworkObjectList List of cached (in-memory) network objects.
TGIS_NetworkStorageAbstract Base class for network storage object.
TGIS_Normals Class managing a list of normal vectors.
TGIS_ObjectList List of generic objects.
TGIS_OffsetPosition Position of offset.
TGIS_OperationType Types of operations.
TGIS_OSMGeocoding Class encapsulating access to the TatukGIS online geocoding service.
TGIS_OSMImporter Encapsulation of OSM importer class.
TGIS_OSMIsochrone Class encapsulating access to the TatukGIS online isochrone service.
TGIS_OSMRouting Class encapsulating access to the TatukGIS online routing service.
TGIS_OSMRoutingProfile Profiles of the TatukGIS online routong service.
TGIS_OSMServiceAbstract Base class for TatukGIS online service clients.
TGIS_ParamsAbstract Common parameters ancestor.
TGIS_ParamsArea Parameters that are common for Areas.
TGIS_ParamsChart Parameters that are common for Charts.
TGIS_ParamsFeature Parameters that are common for features like Lines, Areas, Markers, Labels.
TGIS_ParamsField Parameters for reading properties from fields.
TGIS_ParamsLabel Parameters that are common for Labels.
TGIS_ParamsLabelFont Helper object for deprecated TGIS_ParamsLabel.Font property.
TGIS_ParamsLine Parameters that are common for Lines.
TGIS_ParamsList List of parameters (sections).
TGIS_ParamsMarker Parameters that are common for Markers.
TGIS_ParamsPixel Parameters that are common for pixel layers.
TGIS_ParamsRender Parameters that are common for rendering.
TGIS_ParamsSection Grouped parameters.
TGIS_ParamsSectionPixel Section parameters for pixels.
TGIS_ParamsSectionVector Section parameters for vectors.
TGIS_ParamsSpecific Common parameters ancestor for Layer.Params sub objects.
TGIS_ParamsUserObject User object class encapsulation.
TGIS_ParamsVector Common parameters ancestor for vector layer parameters.
TGIS_PartDescriptor Part descriptor.
TGIS_PartDescriptors Class managing a list of Part Descriptors.
TGIS_PartType Types of shape parts.
TGIS_PasswordList List for storing passwords.
TGIS_Pen Platform independent pen class.
TGIS_PenStyle Platform independent pen style definition.
TGIS_Pipeline Pipeline engine.
TGIS_PipelineOperationAbstract Single pipeline operation.
TGIS_PipelineOperationExtendedAbstract Pipeline base process operation that provides: * defining 3 params: “Source”, “Destination” and “Save” * destination layer saving if needed.
TGIS_PipelineOperations Registration list of all pipeline operations.
TGIS_PipelineParameter Pipeline parameter encapsulation.
TGIS_PipelineParameterList List of TGIS_PipelineParameter objects.
TGIS_PipelineParameterType Types of pipeline parameters
TGIS_PixelBand Complete definition of a band.
TGIS_PixelBandCoding Definition of how particular band is stored.
TGIS_PixelBandContent Definition of the meaning of a particular band.
TGIS_PixelBandList List of TGIS_PixelBand objects.
TGIS_PixelBandsDefinition Complete definition of all bands of a layer.
TGIS_PixelBandSet Definition of how layer should be interpreted
TGIS_PixelExportManager Pixel export manager.
TGIS_PixelFilterAbstract Abstract class for all pixel layer filters.
TGIS_PixelFilterAlphaTrimmedMean Alpha-trimmed mean filter for pixel layers - transforms the pixel value to the alpha-trimmed mean of the values within the block.
TGIS_PixelFilterArithmeticMean Arithmetic mean filter for pixel layers - transforms the pixel value to the arithmetic mean of the values within the block.
TGIS_PixelFilterBlockStats Abstract class for all pixel layer block filters.
TGIS_PixelFilterBottomHat Bottom-hat filter for pixel layers - three-stage filter, computes the difference of the closing (dilation followed by erosion) of the image with the original image.
TGIS_PixelFilterClosing Closing filter for pixel layers - two-stage filter, applies dilation followed by erosion.
TGIS_PixelFilterColorSpace Defines the color space in which the filter is to operate.
TGIS_PixelFilterContraHarmonicMean Contra-harmonic mean filter for pixel layers - transforms the pixel value to the contra-harmonic mean of the values within the block.
TGIS_PixelFilterConvolution Applies mask filters to pixel layers by convolution.
TGIS_PixelFilterDilation Dilation filter for pixel layers - transforms the pixel value to the greatest sum of the value in the block and the mask value.
TGIS_PixelFilterErosion Erosion filter for pixel layers - transforms the pixel value to the smallest difference of the value in the block and the mask value.
TGIS_PixelFilterGeometricMean Geometric mean filter for pixel layers - transforms the pixel value to the geometric mean of the values within the block.
TGIS_PixelFilterHarmonicMean Harmonic mean filter for pixel layers - transforms the pixel value to the harmonic mean of the values within the block.
TGIS_PixelFilterMajority Majority filter for pixel layers - transforms the pixel value to the most frequent value in the block (if exists).
TGIS_PixelFilterMaskType Predefined mask filters.
TGIS_PixelFilterMaximum Maximum filter for pixel layers - transforms the pixel value to the greatest value in the block.
TGIS_PixelFilterMedian Median filter for pixel layers - transforms the pixel value to the median of the values within the block.
TGIS_PixelFilterMidpoint Midpoint filter for pixel layers - transforms the pixel value to the average between the maximum and the minimum value in the block.
TGIS_PixelFilterMinimum Minimum filter for pixel layers - transforms the pixel value to the smallest value in the block.
TGIS_PixelFilterMinority Minority filter for pixel layers- transforms the pixel value to the least frequent value in the block (if exists).
TGIS_PixelFilterMorphological Abstract class for all pixel layer morphological filters.
TGIS_PixelFilterNoise Abstract class for all noise pixel layer filters.
TGIS_PixelFilterNoiseGaussian Gaussian noise filter for pixel layers.
TGIS_PixelFilterNoiseSaltPepper Salt-And-Pepper noise filter for pixel layers.
TGIS_PixelFilterOpening Opening filter for pixel layers - two-stage filter, applies erosion followed by dilation.
TGIS_PixelFilterRange Range filter for pixel layers - transforms the pixel value to the difference between the maximum and the minimum value in the block.
TGIS_PixelFilterSobelMagnitude Sobel magnitude filter for pixel layers - performs edge detection, the pixel value is proportional to the value difference at the edge.
TGIS_PixelFilterStandardDeviation Standard deviation filter for pixel layers - transforms the pixel value to the standard deviation of the values within the block.
TGIS_PixelFilterStructuringElementType Predefined structuring element types.
TGIS_PixelFilterSum Sum filter for pixel layers - transforms the pixel value to the sum of the values within the block.
TGIS_PixelFilterThreshold Threshold filter for pixel layers - if the pixel value is smaller than the threshold then it is set to the smallest value in the layer, otherwise to the largest.
TGIS_PixelFilterTopHat Top-hat filter for pixel layers - three-stage filter, computes the difference of the original image with its opening (erosion followed by dilation).
TGIS_PixelFilterUniqueCount Unique value count filter for pixel layers - transforms the pixel value to the number of unique values within the block.
TGIS_PixelFilterWeightedMean Weighted mean filter for pixel layers - transforms the pixel value to the weighted mean of the values within the block.
TGIS_PixelFilterWeightedMedian Weighted median filter for pixel layers - transforms the pixel value to the weighted median of the values within the block.
TGIS_PixelFilterYpMean Yp mean filter for pixel layers - transforms the pixel value to the Yp mean of the values within the block.
TGIS_PixelFormat Platform independent pixel format specification
TGIS_PixelItem Pixel value used mainly in iterators.
TGIS_Pixels Platform independent storage for pixels as 32bit array (for ARGB support)
TGIS_PixelSubFormat Platform independent pixel storage format definition.
TGIS_Point Like TPoint, but based on doubles instead of integers.
TGIS_Point3D Like TGIS_Point, but 3rd dimension (Z) and measure (M) added.
TGIS_Point3DArray Array of TGIS_Point3D
TGIS_Point3DList List of TGIS_Point3D objects.
TGIS_PointArray Array of TGIS_Point2D
TGIS_PointCloudAssignment Specifies cell assignment method for point cloud to grid conversion.
TGIS_PointCloudFormula Specifies cell assignment method for NoData filling.
TGIS_PointCloudToGrid Provides the means to convert a point cloud vector layer such as LIDAR to a digital elevation model (grid layer).
TGIS_PointerMode Pointer mode for operations.
TGIS_PointList List of TGIS_Point objects.
TGIS_PolynomialOrder Polynomial order.
TGIS_PredefinedLineSymbolList List of predefined line symbols.
TGIS_Printer Encapsulation of standard printer.
TGIS_PrinterPreview Encapsulation of print preview printer.
TGIS_PrintLayoutAnchor Print layout anchor types.
TGIS_PrintLayoutBox Print layout box element type.
TGIS_PrintLayoutControlType Print layout control types.
TGIS_PrintLayoutElement Print layout base element type.
TGIS_PrintLayoutElementType Print layout element types.
TGIS_PrintLayoutFrame Print layout frame element type.
TGIS_PrintLayoutGraphic Print layout graphic element type.
TGIS_PrintLayoutLegend Print layout legend element type.
TGIS_PrintLayoutLocation Print layout element location type.
TGIS_PrintLayoutMap Print layout map element type.
TGIS_PrintLayoutNorthArrow Print layout northarrow element type.
TGIS_PrintLayoutPage Print layout page element type.
TGIS_PrintLayoutPosition Print layout element position type.
TGIS_PrintLayoutScale Print layout scale element type.
TGIS_PrintLayoutSnap Snap parameters encapsulation.
TGIS_PrintLayoutText Print layout text element type.
TGIS_PrintLayoutUnits Print layout units.
TGIS_PrintLayoutWidth Print layout element width type.
TGIS_PrintManager Print manager used for FMX;
TGIS_PrintManagerAbstract Basic print manager class to be used as a base class for print managers.
TGIS_PrintPreviewFactoryFMX Helper class for managing print preview.
TGIS_ProjectQgis Class for importing Qgis projects (version 2.x).
TGIS_ProxySettings Global proxy settings class.
TGIS_PvlAlign Layout align.
TGIS_PvlAnchor Layout anchors.
TGIS_PvlAttibutesLayoutType Two layout types for attributes control.
TGIS_PvlBase Base PVL class.
TGIS_PvlBaseForm Base PVL form from which we inherit in our forms.
TGIS_PvlBorderIcon Style of icons withing PVL Forms.
TGIS_PvlBorderStyle Style of border withing PVL Forms.
TGIS_PvlButton PVL button control.
TGIS_PvlCanvas PVL canvas.
TGIS_PvlCheckBox PVL combobox control.
TGIS_PvlColorBar PVL Color slider
TGIS_PvlColorComboBox PVL color combobox control.
TGIS_PvlColorPreview PVL color preview panel.
TGIS_PvlColorRampComboBox PVL color ramp combo-box control.
TGIS_PvlColorRampWidget PVL color ramp widget.
TGIS_PvlColorWheel PVL color wheel picker.
TGIS_PvlComboBox PVL combobox control.
TGIS_PvlComboBoxHelperGetBitmapEventArgs Event argument for TGIS_ComboBoxHelperGetBitmapEvent.
TGIS_PvlComboBoxHelperPosition Item placement within Combo Box
TGIS_PvlComboEdit PVL comboedit control defined as separate component due some platform limitations.
TGIS_PvlContext Platform dependant context in which we operate.
TGIS_PvlContextBase Platform dependant context in which we operate.
TGIS_PvlControl Basic PVL control.
TGIS_PvlControl3D PVL GIS Viewer control.
TGIS_PvlControl3DOption Defines which controls are to be displayed within the component.
TGIS_PvlControlAttributes PVL attributes control.
TGIS_PvlControlCSSystem PVL proxy for TGIS_ControlCSSystem.
TGIS_PvlControlLegend PVL GIS Legend control.
TGIS_PvlControlNorthArrow PVL north arrow control.
TGIS_PvlControlPrintPreviewSimple PVL proxy for TGIS_ControlPrintPreview.
TGIS_PvlControlScale PVL scale control.
TGIS_PvlCustomBitmapComboBox PVL custom bitmap combobox control.
TGIS_PvlCustomBitmapType Type of the custom bitmap combobox.
TGIS_PvlCustomComboBox PVL custom combobox control.
TGIS_PvlEdit PVL editbox control.
TGIS_PvlErrorDialog PVL error dialog control.
TGIS_PvlForm General use form made in PVL.
TGIS_PvlGroupBox PVL group box component.
TGIS_PvlIconButton PVL icon button control.
TGIS_PvlIconsList PVL symbol list to provide glyphs based on images abd SVG.
TGIS_PvlInfoDialog PVL info dialog control.
TGIS_PvlItemListType Type of items on the TGIS_PvlItemList.
TGIS_PvlLabel PVL label control.
TGIS_PvlLabeledColorCombo PVL labeled editable combobox widget
TGIS_PvlLabeledEdit PVL labeled edit widget
TGIS_PvlLabeledEditCombo PVL labeled editable combobox widget
TGIS_PvlLabeledSelectCombo PVL labeled combobox widget
TGIS_PvlLabelTextAlignment Alignment of the text in the label.
TGIS_PvlLineSymbolEditor PVL proxy for TGIS_LineSymbolEditor.
TGIS_PvlListBox PVL list component.
TGIS_PvlListOfElements List of PVL elements;
TGIS_PvlMemo PVL memo control.
TGIS_PvlMessageDialog PVL message dialog control.
TGIS_PvlMessages Class for static execution of the message dialogs in PVL
TGIS_PvlModalButton Another PVL button control but was defined as another component due to some platform issues.
TGIS_PvlModalForm Modal form made in PVL.
TGIS_PvlModalResult Result type of TGIS_PvlInternalFormAbstract.
TGIS_PvlModalWizard Modal wizard made in PVL.
TGIS_PvlMouseButton Mouse button.
TGIS_PvlOpenDialog PVL open dialog control.
TGIS_PvlOpenSaveDialog PVL open dialog control.
TGIS_PvlOptionDialog PVL option dialog control.
TGIS_PvlPage PVL Page
TGIS_PvlPages PVL pages
TGIS_PvlPanel PVL panel control.
TGIS_PvlPreviewPanel PVL preview panel control with ability to show text, images or GIS elements.
TGIS_PvlRadioButton PVL radiobutton control.
TGIS_PvlResourceExtension Extension of the resource file.
TGIS_PvlRGBVal RGB value
TGIS_PvlSaveDialog PVL save dialog control.
TGIS_PvlSelectFolderDialog PVL select folder dialog control.
TGIS_PvlShiftStateItem Indicates the state of the modifier keys, the mouse buttons, or the touch devices.
TGIS_PvlSizeComboBox PVL size combobox control.
TGIS_PvlSVGList PVL svg list component.
TGIS_PvlSystemForm Base PVL class for system forms.
TGIS_PvlTrackBar PVL trackbar component.
TGIS_PvlTree PVL Tree control.
TGIS_PvlTreeNode PVL TreeNode control.
TGIS_PvlViewerWnd PVL GIS Viewer control.
TGIS_PvlWarningDialog PVL warning dialog control.
TGIS_QuadTree Quad tree class.
TGIS_QuadTreeItem Quad tree item stored in nodes.
TGIS_QuadTreeNode Quad tree node class.
TGIS_RasterAlgebra Engine for manipulating raster layers using algebraic expressions.
TGIS_Reclassification A class that allows reclassification of grid layer values.
TGIS_RegisteredLayerType Registered layer type.
TGIS_RendererAbstract Basic renderer class to be used as a parent for customer map renderers for VCL, FireMonkey, WPF etc.
TGIS_RendererAbstractCache Cached topmost pixel layer bitmap object to be used with PrepareBitmapCache and RenderBitmapCache.
TGIS_RendererContext Object to store all canvases on rendering context
TGIS_RendererFmx Renderer for FMX.
TGIS_RendererFmxCache Cached topmost pixel layer bitmap object to be used with PrepareBitmapCache and RenderBitmapCache.
TGIS_RendererManager Registration list of all renderers.
TGIS_RendererMultipassMode Mode of multipass shape rendering.
TGIS_RGBTriple RGB color representation.
TGIS_ScalingFilter Bitmap scaling filtering type
TGIS_SdoGeometry SDO geometry encapsulation.
TGIS_SelectedShapeList List of all shapes.
TGIS_SemivarianceAbstract Abstract class for all semivariance models.
TGIS_SemivarianceCircular Represents the circular semivariance model.
TGIS_SemivarianceExponential Represents the exponential semivariance model.
TGIS_SemivarianceGaussian Represents the gaussian semivariance model.
TGIS_SemivarianceLinear Represents the linear semivariance model.
TGIS_SemivariancePowerLaw Represents the power-law semivariance model.
TGIS_SemivarianceSpherical Represents the spherical semivariance model.
TGIS_SemivarianceWithRange Abstract class for all semivariance models with range.
TGIS_SemivarianceWithSill Abstract class for all semivariance models with range and sill.
TGIS_Shape Generic shape class.
TGIS_ShapeAbstract Stub parent for TGIS_Shape.
TGIS_ShapeAbstractList List of TGIS_ShapeAbstract objects.
TGIS_ShapeArc Encapsulation of lines.
TGIS_ShapeComplex Encapsulation of complex shapes.
TGIS_ShapeList List of TGIS_Shape objects.
TGIS_ShapeListStub Abstract stub class for internal implementation of structured shape list used in vector-to-grid computations.
TGIS_ShapeMultiPatch Encapsulation of MultiPatch shapes.
TGIS_ShapeMultiPoint Encapsulation of multi-point shapes.
TGIS_ShapePoint Encapsulation of single point shapes.
TGIS_ShapePointCloud Encapsulation of PointCloud.
TGIS_ShapePolygon Encapsulation of polygon shapes.
TGIS_ShapeType Types of GIS shapes.
TGIS_ShortestPath Encapsulation of shortest path algorithm.
TGIS_ShortestPathLink The shortest path link.
TGIS_SingleArray Array of Single.
TGIS_SingleColor Single type color.
TGIS_SingleColorArray Single type color array.
TGIS_SingleVector Single type vector.
TGIS_SingleVectorArray Single type vector array.
TGIS_SldFile Encapsulation of sld configuration file reader.
TGIS_SlopeMap Slope map generator for digital terrain models.
TGIS_SlopeUnit Unit in which the slope is expressed.
TGIS_SquareMatrix Square matrix of double precision real numbers.
TGIS_StatisticalFunction Available statistical functions
TGIS_StatisticalFunctions Record with all statistical functions.
TGIS_StatisticsAbstract General statistics class.
TGIS_StatisticsFactory Class for creating statistics objects depending on a layer type.
TGIS_StatisticsItem General class for storing single statistical value.
TGIS_StatisticsItemDouble Class for storing double-precision statistical value.
TGIS_StatisticsItemInteger Class for storing integer statistical value.
TGIS_StatisticsItemList List of TGIS_StatisticsItem objects.
TGIS_StatisticsItemVariant Class for storing variant statistical value.
TGIS_StatisticsItemVariantList Class for storing statistical result with list of variants.
TGIS_StatisticsLayer Statistics class for vector layers.
TGIS_StatisticsLayerResult Container for layer's statistics result.
TGIS_StatisticsPixel Statistics class for raster layers.
TGIS_StatisticsResult Container for statistics results.
TGIS_StatisticsVector Statistics class for vector layers.
TGIS_StringFormat String formatting utilities.
TGIS_StringList List of Strings.
TGIS_Strings Alias for TListStrings.
TGIS_SymbolAbstract Encapsulation of symbols.
TGIS_SymbolCGM Encapsulation of CGM symbols.
TGIS_SymbolFont Encapsulation of font symbols.
TGIS_SymbolLibrarySVG Class to access SVG Symbol Library.
TGIS_SymbolLine Encapsulation of line symbols.
TGIS_SymbolLineEx Encapsulation of extended line symbols.
TGIS_SymbolLineHelper Internal use only.
TGIS_SymbolList Encapsulation of the symbol list (cache).
TGIS_SymbolPicture Encapsulation of picture symbols.
TGIS_SymbolSVG Encapsulation of SVG symbols.
TGIS_TemplateGraphic Contains graphic data used when printing templates.
TGIS_TemplatePrint Encapsulation of template based printing according to *.tpl or *.ttktemplate file.
TGIS_TemplatePrintBuilder Encapsulation of print template builder.
TGIS_Textures Class managing a list of texture coordinates.
TGIS_ThreadClass A simple class with encapsulate basic critical section locking mechanism.
TGIS_ThreadStorage Thread storage.
TGIS_Tile Structure of tile information.
TGIS_TinToGrid Provides the means to convert a Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN) vector layer to a digital elevation model (grid layer).
TGIS_Tokenizer A simple tokenizer for parameters line splitting.
TGIS_Topology Encapsulation of basic topological operations.
TGIS_TopologyCombineType Type of operation for combining shapes.
TGIS_Transform Base class for layer transformations.
TGIS_TransformCustom Custom transform.
TGIS_TransformGCP Base class for layer transformations based on GCP (Ground Control Points).
TGIS_TransformPolynomial Ground control point (GCP) computations involving polynomial.
TGIS_TreeList List of the legend nodes (TGIS_TreeNode).
TGIS_TreeNode Node of the legend tree.
TGIS_UidArray Array of Uids
TGIS_Utils A class that groups public defines, functions and properties.
TGIS_VariantArray Array of Variant.
TGIS_VariantList List of Variant objects.
TGIS_VariantType Simplified variant types.
TGIS_Vector Vector of double precision real numbers.
TGIS_VectorToGridAbstract Abstract class for all classes which implement grid generation from vector data.
TGIS_VectorToGridCoordinate Specifies coordinate used as data input for interpolation process.
TGIS_VertexColors Class managing a list of Vertex Color .
TGIS_Viewer Encapsulation of the generic viewer.
TGIS_Viewer3DBase Encapsulation of the 3D viewer.
TGIS_Viewer3DBasePlane Structure for BasePlane management.
TGIS_Viewer3DDemCacheSize Grid size used to display regular DEMs & IMAGEs.
TGIS_Viewer3DDemWall Types of DEM walls.
TGIS_Viewer3DFlood Structure for flood management.
TGIS_Viewer3DMode Basic modes of TGIS_Viewer3D operations:
TGIS_Viewer3DReferenceLevelMode Types of reference level (Z value of rotation point)
TGIS_Viewer3DReferenceMode Types of reference level mode ( Z value of rotation point).
TGIS_Viewer3DTransparencyPriority Types of transparency priority in case that both DEM & vector are transparent.
TGIS_Viewer3DViewRestriction Types of camera position restriction.
TGIS_ViewerBmp Class responsible for map presentation on bitmap.
TGIS_ViewerMode Basic modes of TGIS_ViewerWnd operations:
TGIS_ViewerNonVisual Encapsulation of the viewer w/o any kind of visual implementation.
TGIS_ViewerRef IGIS_Viewer reference, used to avoid calling on _AddRef, _Release upon every
TGIS_ViewerWnd Main visual control responsible for map presentation on window.
TGIS_ViewerWndStyledSetting Styled settings.
TGIS_Viewshed Viewshed, above-ground-level (AGL), and Fresnel zone clearance generator.
TGIS_ViewshedObserverElevation Specifies what is used as elevation of the observers in the viewshed or Fresnel zone clearance analysis.
TGIS_ViewshedOutput Specifies output values of the viewshed analysis.
TGIS_VirtualField Virtual fields.
TGIS_WFSFeature Feature class implementation.
TGIS_Zone Zone from 0 to 255 definition.
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