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TGIS_Viewer3DBase properties


Inherited Protected
Name Visibility Description
AdvNavigation public Standard / AdvanceNavigation switch if True mouse location become a rotation point if False screen center is a rotation point
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.AdvNavigation)
AllowDemTransparency public Get AllowDemTransparency status.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.AllowDemTransparency)
BasePlane public BasePlane parameters, active, level & colors
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.BasePlane)
CameraPosition public Camera position in radians; Changes of CameraPosition settings change CameraRotation settings; Camera always points to the central point of the visible area; * X height of the camera above horizon, range 0 - Pi/2 rad; * Y azimuth to the camera from natural north, range 0 - 2Pi rad; * Z distance to the camera in map units; * M optional parameter, for future use.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.CameraPosition)
CameraPositionEx public Camera position in XYZ in map units Changes of CameraPositionEx settings do not change CameraRotation settings; * X x coordinate; * Y y coordinate; * Z z coordinate; * M optional parameter, for future use.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.CameraPositionEx)
CameraRotation public Camera rotation in radians; * X x rotation, vertical , range +- Pi/2 rad; * Y y rotation, inclination, range +- Pi/2 rad; * Z z rotation, horizontal , range 0 - 2Pi rad; * M camera focal length in millimeters, range 20 - 500 mm (default 50).
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.CameraRotation)
CutAbove public Set CutAbove value for DEM cells with z > CutAbove
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.CutAbove)
CutBelow public Set CutBelow value for DEM cells with z < CutBelow
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.CutBelow)
DemCachedSize public Grid size used to display regular DEMs & IMAGEs
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.DemCachedSize)
DemDetailExtentFactor public Extent in which DEM is displayed in max LevelOfDetail (must be >= 0.5, 1 means screen width).
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.DemDetailExtentFactor)
DemDraftExtentFactor public Extent in which DEM is displayed in lower LevelOfDetail (must be >= 1.0, 4 means 4 times screen width).
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.DemDraftExtentFactor)
DemGridSize public Current grid size setting.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.DemGridSize)
DemIsolineColor public Isoline color
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.DemIsolineColor)
DemIsolineGap public Isoline gap
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.DemIsolineGap)
DemWalls public DEM wall types
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.DemWalls)
EdgesColor public Vector edges color
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.EdgesColor)
ErrorMessage public Get error message String.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.ErrorMessage)
FastMode public Block scene redrawing when set to True, immediately redraws scene when set to False
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.FastMode)
Flood public Flood parameters, active, level & color, transparency
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.Flood)
HideLabelsUponNavigation public Labels not drawn during scene navigation etc.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.HideLabelsUponNavigation)
IgnoreAbove public Set noDataValue for DEM cells with z > IgnoreAbove value
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.IgnoreAbove)
IgnoreBelow public Set noDataValue for DEM cells with z < IgnoreBelow value
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.IgnoreBelow)
IgnoreEllipsoidHeight public If set to True, differences in Z value caused by different ellipsoids will be ignored
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.IgnoreEllipsoidHeight)
IsBusy public Flag. If True, Viewer is busy in painting.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.IsBusy)
KeepSunCamera public Check for keeping sun and camera positions relative.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.KeepSunCamera)
LightVector public Revers Light normal Vector
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.LightVector)
Mode public Viewer3D mode working mode (camera mode, sun, zoom, select ...).
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.Mode)
OrthoView public Orthogonal View switch, if, True camera looks orthogonally, camera can be moved only in XY plane, zoom is allowed
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.OrthoView)
PixelSize public Get the pixel size (xsize & ysize) at reference point in map units
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.PixelSize)
ReferencePoint public ReferencePoint in map units, usually screen center.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.ReferencePoint)
ReferencePointMode public Set reference (rotation) point to one of GIS_3DReferencePoint type: Base, Zero, OnDem, Lowest, Highest, FlyOnDem
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.ReferencePointMode)
ReferencePointOffsetZ public Set reference (rotation) point Z value offset.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.ReferencePointOffsetZ)
Scale public Setting up and reading the 3D scale factor.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.Scale)
ScaleAsText public Setting up and reading the 3D scale factor as text in format '1:10000'.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.ScaleAsText)
ScaleM public M scaling; default is 1.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.ScaleM)
ScaleZ public Z scaling; default is 1.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.ScaleZ)
ShadowsLevel public Shadows level; 0..100; 0-deep shadows, 100-light shadows
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.ShadowsLevel)
ShowDemTexture public Turn Texture on/off.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.ShowDemTexture)
ShowLabels public Labels mode on/off.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.ShowLabels)
ShowLights public Turn Lights on/off.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.ShowLights)
ShowReferencePoint public Turn ReferencePoint drawing on/off.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.ShowReferencePoint)
ShowVectorEdges public Turn VectorEdges drawing on/off.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.ShowVectorEdges)
ShowWireframe public Wire frame mode on/off.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.ShowWireframe)
SunPosition public Sun position in radian; natural north * X height of the sun above horizon, range +- Pi/2 rad; initial Pi/4 (45 deg) * Y azimuth to the sun from natural north, range 0 - 2Pi rad; initial 3Pi/4 (225 deg)
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.SunPosition)
TransparencyPriority public Transparency priority.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.TransparencyPriority)
UniverseColor public 3D viewer color of area which exceeds map extent
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.UniverseColor)
VectorExtentFactor public Extent from which vector is displayed (must be >= 1.0, 2 means 2 times screen width).
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.VectorExtentFactor)
VectorSimplification public Enable/disable vector simplification process.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.VectorSimplification)
VectorSmartSize public Shape size in pixels, less or equal will not be displayed ( must be >= 0 )
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.VectorSmartSize)
ViewRestriction public Current 3D view restrictions.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.ViewRestriction)
VisibleExtent public Get/set 2D extent visible in 3D window.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.VisibleExtent)
VisibleExtent3D public Get 3D extent visible in 3D window.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.VisibleExtent3D)
WallsColor public DEM wall color
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.WallsColor)
Zoom public Get 3D zoom, same as TGIS_Viewer.Zoom
(Implements IGIS_Viewer3D.Zoom)

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