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TGIS_LayerVector.GetField method

DK11 for Python | tatukgis.pdk.TGIS_LayerVector.GetField | Constructors | Methods | Properties | Events

Gets a field value for a shape determined by its unique identity.

Available also on: Delphi | .NET | Java | ActiveX.


# Python
def GetField(
  _uid: TGIS_Uid,
  _name: str
) -> Variant: 


Name Type Description
_uid TGIS_Uid identity
_name str field name


Type Description
Variant Field value. If field value is Null then function will return default value. GetFieldEx will return raw value instead.


Use this method to get a field value for a shape given by its unique identity.

When using this operation, never call any function which uses FindFirst..FindNext (i.e., any function which iterates through the shapes using it). So never use inside an operation like Locate etc.

2023/08/09 01:56

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