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IGIS_Viewer properties


Inherited Protected
Name Visibility Description
AutoStyle public If True, layers added to the viewer will have a unique style applied.
BigExtent public Map extent.
BigExtentMargin public Map extent margin.
BusyLevel public Level of current busy state.
BusyText public Text related to current busy state.
Center public Center the screen based on given point.
CenterPtg public Point on which Viewer will be centered during Zoom.
Color public Background color.
Copyright public Legal notice and product version.
CS public Coordinate System assigned to the viewer.
CustomData public List of custom, user-defined data.
CustomPPI public Custom resolution in pixels-per-inch.
DelayedUpdate public Delayed update threshold in milliseconds.
Editor public Editor context.
Extent public Map extent.
FileCopyrights public List Copyrights
FontScale public Font magnifying factor in percents.
FullDrawExtent public Extent of full current/last drawing area including margin and w/o tiling.
Hierarchy public Hierarchy list.
IncrementalPaint public Is partial drawing to screen done in incremental mode?
InPaint public True if Viewer is busy in Paint procedure.
IsBusy public True if Viewer is busy.
IsEmpty public True if Viewer is empty (no layers).
IsLocked public True if Viewer is in locked state Lock.
IsTopmost public True if Viewer has a topmost layer.
Items public All layers.
KeepScale public True if a viewer should maintain scale upon resize.
LabelsReg public Labels position allocator object.
Level public Sets and gets zoom level for a viewer.
MultiUserMode public Multiuser mode.
OverlappedExtentMargin public Overlapped extent margin (in pixels).
PPI public Rendering resolution in pixels-per-inch.
ProgressiveUpdate public Progressive update threshold in milliseconds.
ProjectFile public Project file itself as opened in Open procedure.
ProjectName public Project file name as opened in Open procedure.
RestrictedDrag public If true, then you can not drag outside the map Extent.
RestrictedExtent public Restricted Map extent.
RotationAngle public Angle of viewer rotation in radians.
RotationPoint public Point of viewer rotation in map units.
Scale public Setting up and reading the scale factor.
ScaleAsFloat public Setting up and reading the scale factor.
ScaleAsText public Setting up and reading the scale factor as text in format '1:10000'.
SelectionGisColor public Color used for selecting object.
SelectionOutlineOnly public If true then polygons will be marked only with outline not a full fill.
SelectionTransparency public Transparency value for selection; if 100 SelectionGisColor will not be transparent.
SelectionWidth public Outline width of selection area (>0 in twips, <0 in pixels).
SystemPPI public System resolution in pixels-per-inch.
TemporaryScaleInternal public Used to force rendering in a different scale then actual.
TemporaryVisibleExtent public Used to force rendering labels while drawing with tiles.
TiledPaint public Is partial drawing to screen done in tiled mode?
UponDestroy public True if viewer is upon destruction so some operations (like screen updates) should not be performed
UseAnimations public True if animation upon zooming are allowed.
UseRTree public True if RTree will be used by default upon creation of any layer.
ViewerParent public Parent for the current IGIS_Viewer object.
Viewport public Setting an upper left corner position of the components window within the map.
VisibleExtent public Extent of the map that is visible in the window.
Zoom public Setting up and reading the related zoom factor.
ZoomEx public Setting up and reading the absolute zoom factor.

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