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TatukGIS.NDK.WinForms classes


Name Description
TGIS_Control3D A component which allows easy control of the 3D view inside a TGIS_ViewerWnd component instance.
TGIS_ControlAttributes Visual Shape attributes component.
TGIS_ControlLegend Visual Legend component.
TGIS_ControlLegendDialogOptions Dialog options.
TGIS_ControlLegendForm Visual form for managing various layer properties.
TGIS_ControlNorthArrow Visual control for displaying map North Arrow.
TGIS_ControlPrintPreview Control for managing print preview.
TGIS_ControlPrintPreviewForm Form for managing print preview.
TGIS_ControlPrintPreviewSimple Control for managing print preview.
TGIS_ControlScale Visual control for displaying map scale.
TGIS_ControlScaleEventArgs Provides data for the control scale event.
TGIS_GpsNmea GPS NMEA devices support.
TGIS_GpsNmeaEventArgs Provides data for the NmeaEvent.
TGIS_GpsNmeaMessageEventArgs Provides data for the NmeaMessageEvent.
TGIS_PrintEventArgs Provides data for the print event.
TGIS_PrintManager Print manager used for WinForms.
TGIS_PrintPageEventArgs Provides data for the print page event.
TGIS_RendererWinForms WinForms renderer.
TGIS_Viewer3DBase Encapsulation of the 3D viewer.
TGIS_Viewer3DDirectX DirectX9 3D Viewer.
TGIS_ViewerBmp Bitmap based viewer.
TGIS_ViewerWnd This is a TGisViewerWnd component with functionality built on Windows output.
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