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TGIS_ControlNorthArrow methods


Inherited Overrides Protected

Inherited Overrides Protected
Name Visibility Description
CreateCopy public Prepare a copy of the control for printing.
(Implements IGIS_PrintableControl.CreateCopy)
Dispose protected Clean up any resources being used.
Draw public Draw north arrow.
DrawBmp public Draw control on a provided bitmap
FreeCopy public Release the copy of the control.
(Implements IGIS_PrintableControl.FreeCopy)
OnPaint protected Paint the control.
PrintBmp public Print the control on the given bitmap.
(Implements IGIS_PrintableControl.PrintBmp)
PrintClipboard public Print control cliboard.
SubscribedEvent public Subscriber notification event.
(Implements IGIS_Subscribe.SubscribedEvent)
Update public Update the control.

2020/05/30 16:43

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