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TGIS_ControlLegendForm.Execute(TGIS_Layer, TGIS_ControlLegend, TGIS_HelpEvent) method

DK11 for .NET | TatukGIS.NDK.WinForms.TGIS_ControlLegendForm.Execute | Overloads | Methods

Execute dialog on a given layer.

Available also on: Delphi VCL | ActiveX.


// C#
public DialogResult Execute(
  TGIS_Layer _layer,
  TGIS_ControlLegend _legend,
  TGIS_HelpEvent _onhelp
' VisualBasic
Public Function Execute(
  ByVal _layer As TGIS_Layer,
  ByVal _legend As TGIS_ControlLegend,
  ByVal _onhelp As TGIS_HelpEvent
) As DialogResult
// Oxygene
  function Execute(
    _layer : TGIS_Layer;
    _legend : TGIS_ControlLegend;
    _onhelp : TGIS_HelpEvent
  ) : DialogResult;


Name Type Description
_layer TGIS_Layer layer to be attached
_legend TGIS_ControlLegend legend control to be used; can be nil
_onhelp TGIS_HelpEvent help notification function; if assigned the help button will be visible and help support will be enabled;


Type Description
DialogResult dialog result returned by ShowDialog
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