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TGIS_ControlLegendEx class

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Visual Legend component.


// C#
public class TGIS_ControlLegendEx : Panel, IGIS_LegendParent, IGIS_PrintableControl 
' VisualBasic
Public Class TGIS_ControlLegendEx
  Inherits Panel
  Implements IGIS_LegendParent
  Implements IGIS_PrintableControl
End Class
// Oxygene
  [Description('Visual Legend component. Experimental version.')]
  TGIS_ControlLegendEx = public class( Panel, IGIS_LegendParent, IGIS_PrintableControl )


→ Panel



Inherited Overrides Protected
Name Visibility Description
TGIS_ControlLegendEx() public Constructor, creates an instance.


Inherited Overrides Protected
Name Visibility Description
Collapse(IGIS_HierarchyGroup) public Collapses a legend item corresponding to a hierarchy group.
Collapse(IGIS_HierarchyGroup, bool, bool) public Collapses a legend item corresponding to a hierarchy group.
Collapse(TGIS_Layer) public Collapses a legend item corresponding to a layer.
ControlClientHeight protected Get client height.
(Implements IGIS_LegendParent.ControlClientHeight)
ControlClientWidth protected Get client width.
(Implements IGIS_LegendParent.ControlClientWidth)
ControlDragCreateTemporaryContext protected Create temporary context to avoid flickering.
(Implements IGIS_LegendParent.ControlDragCreateTemporaryContext)
ControlDragDrawBar protected Draw drag bar.
(Implements IGIS_LegendParent.ControlDragDrawBar)
ControlDragDrawNode protected Draw drag bitmap.
(Implements IGIS_LegendParent.ControlDragDrawNode)
ControlDragFreeNode protected Free a node for dragging.
(Implements IGIS_LegendParent.ControlDragFreeNode)
ControlDragPrepareNode protected Draw a node for dragging.
(Implements IGIS_LegendParent.ControlDragPrepareNode)
ControlDragRenderTemporaryContext protected Render temporary context and destroy it.
(Implements IGIS_LegendParent.ControlDragRenderTemporaryContext)
ControlDrawFromCache protected Draw cache.
(Implements IGIS_LegendParent.ControlDrawFromCache)
ControlDrawNode protected Draw a node.
(Implements IGIS_LegendParent.ControlDrawNode)
ControlGetHScrollPosition protected Get horizontal scrollbar position.
(Implements IGIS_LegendParent.ControlGetHScrollPosition)
ControlGetVScrollPosition protected Get vertical scrollbar position.
(Implements IGIS_LegendParent.ControlGetVScrollPosition)
ControlHeight protected Get control height.
(Implements IGIS_LegendParent.ControlHeight)
ControlIsDesignMode protected Check if the control is in design mode.
(Implements IGIS_LegendParent.ControlIsDesignMode)
ControlRenderer protected Get renderer instance.
(Implements IGIS_LegendParent.ControlRenderer)
ControlRepaint protected Repaint the control.
(Implements IGIS_LegendParent.ControlRepaint)
ControlRightToLeft protected Check if the control is in 'right to left' mode.
(Implements IGIS_LegendParent.ControlRightToLeft)
ControlSetHScroll protected Set horizontal scrollbar range & position.
(Implements IGIS_LegendParent.ControlSetHScroll)
ControlSetHScrollPosition protected Set horizontal scrollbar position.
(Implements IGIS_LegendParent.ControlSetHScrollPosition)
ControlSetVScroll protected Set vertical scrollbar range & position.
(Implements IGIS_LegendParent.ControlSetVScroll)
ControlSetVScrollPosition protected Set vertical scrollbar position.
(Implements IGIS_LegendParent.ControlSetVScrollPosition)
ControlStyleCreateTemporaryContext protected Create temporary context.
(Implements IGIS_LegendParent.ControlStyleCreateTemporaryContext)
ControlStyleDrawCheckBox protected Draw a check box.
(Implements IGIS_LegendParent.ControlStyleDrawCheckBox)
ControlStyleDrawExpandCollapseMarker protected Draw an expand/collapse marker.
(Implements IGIS_LegendParent.ControlStyleDrawExpandCollapseMarker)
ControlStyleDrawImage protected Draw image on temporary context.
(Implements IGIS_LegendParent.ControlStyleDrawImage)
ControlStyleDrawRectangle(int, int, int, int, TGIS_Color, TGIS_Color) protected Draw a rectangle.
(Implements IGIS_LegendParent.ControlStyleDrawRectangle)
ControlStyleDrawRectangle(TRect) protected Draw a rectangle.
(Implements IGIS_LegendParent.ControlStyleDrawRectangle)
ControlStyleDrawText protected Draw text.
(Implements IGIS_LegendParent.ControlStyleDrawText)
ControlStyleGetBrushColor protected Get brush color.
(Implements IGIS_LegendParent.ControlStyleGetBrushColor)
ControlStyleGetTextExtent protected Get text extent.
(Implements IGIS_LegendParent.ControlStyleGetTextExtent)
ControlStyleRenderTemporaryContext protected Render temporary context and destroy it.
(Implements IGIS_LegendParent.ControlStyleRenderTemporaryContext)
ControlStyleSetColorSelected protected Set background color for selected nodes.
(Implements IGIS_LegendParent.ControlStyleSetColorSelected)
ControlStyleSetColorUnselected protected Set background color for unselected nodes.
(Implements IGIS_LegendParent.ControlStyleSetColorUnselected)
ControlSubscribedUpdate protected Do subscribed update.
(Implements IGIS_LegendParent.ControlSubscribedUpdate)
ControlUpdate protected Do update.
(Implements IGIS_LegendParent.ControlUpdate)
ControlWidth protected Get control width.
(Implements IGIS_LegendParent.ControlWidth)
CreateCopy public Prepare a copy of the control for printing.
(Implements IGIS_PrintableControl.CreateCopy)
DefWndProc protected See MSDN .NET documentation
Dispose protected
DrawBmp public Draw control on a provided bitmap.
Expand(IGIS_HierarchyGroup) public Expands of a legend item associated with the specific hierarchy group.
Expand(IGIS_HierarchyGroup, bool, bool) public Expands a legend item corresponding to a hierarchy group.
Expand(TGIS_Layer) public Expands a legend item associated with the specific layer.
FreeCopy public Release the copy of the control.
(Implements IGIS_PrintableControl.FreeCopy)
IsExpanded(IGIS_HierarchyGroup) public Checks if the legend item is associated with the specific hierarchy group is expanded.
IsExpanded(TGIS_Layer) public Checks if the legend item is associated with the specific layer is expanded.
OnDoubleClick protected Overrides the default double-click event behavior.
OnKeyDown protected Overrides the default KeyDown event behavior.
OnMouseDown protected Overrides the default MouseDown event behavior.
OnMouseLeave protected Overwrites the default behavior when the user moves the mouse outside of the control.
OnMouseMove protected Overrides the default MouseMove event behavior.
OnMouseUp protected Overrides the default MouseUp event behavior.
OnMouseWheel protected Overrides the default MouseWheel event behavior.
OnPaint protected
OnPaintBackground protected
OnPreviewKeyDown protected Overrides the default PreviewKeyDown event behavior.
OnResize protected
OnTapDouble protected Event handler of the double tap action.
OnTapLong protected Event handler of the long tap action.
OnTapSingle protected Event handler of the single tap action.
PrintBmp public Print the control on the given bitmap.
(Implements IGIS_PrintableControl.PrintBmp)
PrintClipboard public Prints the current state of the legend to the clipboard as a bitmap.
Repaint public Does some preparation and calls Refresh().
WndProc protected See MSDN .NET documentation


Inherited Protected
Name Visibility Description
BackColor public Background color.
CompactView public If True then the legend view is compacted - icons are smaller.
DialogOptions public Options defining dialogs behavior.
ForeColor public Foreground color.
GIS_Group public Selected group.
GIS_Layer public Selected layer.
GIS_Viewer public Attached IGIS_Viewer object.
InternalName public Used for internal use of TatukGIS.
(Implements IGIS_PrintableControl.InternalName)
Mode public Mode of the legend - list of layers or grouped tree view.
Options public Options of the legend.
ReverseOrder public True if the order of legend entries in the Layer mode should be reverse, i.e.
RightToLeft public
RightToLeftFromTranslation public Defines which BiDi we are using: the one from property or the one from translation
SelectedNode protected Selected node.


Inherited Protected
Name Visibility Description
LayerActiveChangeEvent public Event fired when a layer is activated/deactivated.
LayerParamsChangeEvent public Event fired when a layer parameters get changed.
LayerSelectEvent public Event fired upon layer selection.
OpenDialogEvent public Event fired upon opening of the layer properties dialog box.
OrderChangeEvent public Event fired upon the change of the order of layers.
TapDoubleEvent public TapDouble event.
TapLongEvent public TapLong event.
TapSimpleEvent public TapSimple event.


Place this component on a form and connect GIS_Viewer to IGIS_Viewer object. Selected layer is available via GIS_Layer property.

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