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TGIS_ControlAttributes methods


Inherited Overrides Protected

Inherited Overrides Protected
Name Visibility Description
CancelChanges public Initialize the control with attributes written in the shape.
Clear public Clear attributes display.
CopyToClipboard public Copy shape to Clipboard.
Dispose protected
doCancel protected Action for pressing CANCEL button.
doHelp protected Action for Help event.
doKeyDown protected Action for KeyDown event.
doOk protected Action for pressing OK button.
doResize protected Action for Resize event.
Invalidate public Rebuild attributes display.
NewShape public Show attributes for a new initialised shape.
OnPaint protected Overrided version of OnPaint.
SaveChanges public Write changes to the shape.
ShowSelected public Show statistics for selected shapes.
ShowShape public Show attributes for given _shape.
SubscribedEvent public Subscriber notification event.
(Implements IGIS_Subscribe.SubscribedEvent)
updateLayout protected Action for update layout.
updatePPI protected Calculates the scaling factor according to current PPI.

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