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TGIS_LayerVector.MergeLayer(TGIS_LayerVector, TGIS_Extent, TGIS_ShapeType, string, bool, bool) method

DK11 for .NET | TatukGIS.NDK.TGIS_LayerVector.MergeLayer | Overloads | Constructors | Fields | Methods | Properties | Events

Merges layer from an existing layer.

Available also on: Delphi | Java | ActiveX.


// C#
public void MergeLayer(
  TGIS_LayerVector _layer,
  TGIS_Extent _extent,
  TGIS_ShapeType _type,
  string _scope,
  bool _truncated,
  bool _restrict
' VisualBasic
Public Sub MergeLayer(
  ByVal _layer As TGIS_LayerVector,
  ByVal _extent As TGIS_Extent,
  ByVal _type As TGIS_ShapeType,
  ByVal _scope As String,
  ByVal _truncated As Boolean,
  ByVal _restrict As Boolean
// Oxygene
  procedure MergeLayer(
    _layer : TGIS_LayerVector;
    _extent : TGIS_Extent;
    _type : TGIS_ShapeType;
    _scope : String;
    _truncated : Boolean;
    _restrict : Boolean


Name Type Description
_layer TGIS_LayerVector layer to be merged
_extent TGIS_Extent starting extent of layer - can't be zero sized
_type TGIS_ShapeType shape type supported by a layer; if gistypeUnknown is used then import will try to recognize shape on its own;
_scope string
SQL query for which shape will be imported
_truncated bool
if True, then all shapes will be truncated in _extent; if False, only the shape visible in _extent will be imported ;
_restrict bool
if True, any field structure modification will raise error, otherwise allow to resize fields


Remember to assign 'path' property to the layer you want to import to, for proper import of the new layer to file.
Use this method to merge layers. Before the merge, SaveData will be fired.

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