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TGIS_DbAbstract fields


Inherited Protected
Name Visibility Description
FDialect protected SQL dialect name.
FFullSafeParam protected if True, prefix with name is returned, otherwise only prefix.
FGeometryType protected Internal geometry type.
FiCodePage protected CodePage stored for optimization purposes.
FiJoinCodePage protected JoinCodePage stored for optimization purposes.
FInBatchMode protected True, if batch mode is enabled.
FisDb2 protected Is DB2 dialect.
FisInformix protected Is Informix dialect.
FIsInitializedProvider protected Is provider initialized.
FisInterbase protected Is Interbase dialect.
FIsJDBC protected if True, JDBC is used.
FisMsJet protected Is MsJet dialect.
FisMsSql protected Is MsSql dialect.
FisMySql protected Is MySql dialect.
FisOracle protected Is Oracle dialect.
FisPostgreSql protected Is PostgreSQL dialect.
FisSqlite protected Is Sqlite dialect.
FisSybase protected Is Sybase dialect.
FMultiUserMode protected MultiUser mode.
FNameMaxLength protected Sql name max length.
FOnSQLExecute protected SQL execute event handler.
FParameterPrefix protected Sql parameter prefix.
FReuseQuery protected If True, reuse opened query, otherwise open a new query.
FRowsetSize protected Number of rows fetched in batches from the cursor database (default 0).
FUseTextParameters protected Use text parameters.
options protected Engine options.

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