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IGIS_LegendParent interface

DK11 for .NET | TatukGIS.NDK.IGIS_LegendParent | Interfaces | Methods

Common API for legend parent operations. To be shared across platforms.

Available also on: Delphi | Java.


// C#
public interface IGIS_LegendParent
' VisualBasic
Public Interface IGIS_LegendParent
End Class
// Oxygene
  IGIS_LegendParent = public interface


Inherited Overrides Protected
Name Visibility Description
ControlClientHeight public Gets client height.
ControlClientWidth public Gets client width.
ControlDragCreateTemporaryContext public Creates temporary context to avoid flickering.
ControlDragDrawBar public Draws drag bar.
ControlDragDrawNode public Draws drag bitmap.
ControlDragFreeNode public Frees a node for dragging.
ControlDragPrepareNode public Draws a node for dragging.
ControlDragRenderTemporaryContext public Renders temporary context and destroy it.
ControlDrawFromCache public Draws cache.
ControlDrawNode public Draws a node.
ControlFullUpdate public Causes repaint of the entire control.
ControlGetHScrollPosition public Gets horizontal scrollbar position.
ControlGetVScrollPosition public Gets vertical scrollbar position.
ControlHeight public Gets control height.
ControlIsDesignMode public Checks if the control is in design mode.
ControlRenderer public Gets renderer instance.
ControlRepaint public Repaints the control.
ControlRightToLeft public Checks if the control is in 'right to left' mode.
ControlSetHScroll public Sets horizontal scrollbar range & position.
ControlSetHScrollPosition public Sets horizontal scrollbar position.
ControlSetVScroll public Sets vertical scrollbar range & position.
ControlSetVScrollPosition public Sets vertical scrollbar position.
ControlStyleCreateTemporaryContext public Creates temporary context.
ControlStyleDrawCheckBox public Draws a check box.
ControlStyleDrawExpandCollapseMarker public Draws an expand/collapse marker.
ControlStyleDrawImage public Draws image on temporary context.
ControlStyleDrawRectangle(int, int, int, int, TGIS_Color, TGIS_Color) public Draws a rectangle.
ControlStyleDrawRectangle(TRect) public Draws a rectangle.
ControlStyleDrawText public Draws text.
ControlStyleGetColor public Gets background color.
ControlStyleGetTextExtent public Gets text extent.
ControlStyleRenderTemporaryContext public Renders temporary context and destroy it.
ControlStyleSetColor public Sets background color.
ControlSubscribedUpdate public Does subscribed update.
ControlUpdate public Does update.
ControlWidth public Gets control width.


Do not call this methods and properties of this interface directly. This interface has been design for internal Legend/Parent communication only.

2023/11/23 01:35

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