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Only in ASP.NET Core; JavaScript library: DK_ApsNet.js.

This is not a real namespace: namespace is use only for documentation purposes.

TatukGIS.NDK.ASPNET.JavaScript namespace

DK11 for .NET TatukGIS.NDK.ASPNET.JavaScript | Enums | Classes | Callbacks


Name Description
TGIS_EditorMode Editor vertex adding mode.
TGIS_LabelAlignment Alignment of a label.
TGIS_LabelHPosition Horizontal position of a label.
TGIS_LabelVPosition Vertical position of a label.
TGIS_ShapeType Types of GIS shapes.
TGIS_ViewerMode Mode of the viewer.


Name Description
TGIS_CSEarth Earth - geographical system.
TGIS_CSEllipsoid Ellipsoid - Great Circle system.
TGIS_CSSphericalMercator SphericalMercator - projection system.
TGIS_CSSystem Coordinates system helper.
TGIS_Editor Common API for shape based visual editor.
TGIS_Extent Like Rect, but based on doubles.
TGIS_GeometryFactory Factory for converting different formats into a shape and reverse.
TGIS_LabelsAlocator Labels allocator.
TGIS_LayerVector General layer class for vector layers.
TGIS_ParamsAbstract Common parameters ancestor.
TGIS_ParamsRender Parameters that are common html5 canvas parameters for Render.
TGIS_ParamsSectionVector Parameters for a layer or shape Params objects.
TGIS_ParamsVector Common html5 canvas parameters for vector layer parameters.
TGIS_ParamsVectorArea Parameters that are common html5 canvas parameters for Areas.
TGIS_ParamsVectorLabel Parameters that are common html5 canvas parameters for Labels.
TGIS_ParamsVectorLine Parameters that are common html5 canvas parameters for Lines.
TGIS_ParamsVectorMarker Parameters that are common html5 canvas parameters for Markers.
TGIS_Point Like Point, but based on doubles.
TGIS_Renderer Renderer responsible for drawing on html5 canvas.
TGIS_Shape Generic shape class.
TGIS_ShapeArc Encapsulation of line shapes.
TGIS_ShapeMultiPoint Encapsulation of multi point shapes.
TGIS_ShapePoint Encapsulation of single point shapes.
TGIS_ShapePolygon Encapsulation of polygon shapes.
TGIS_SqlQuery Calculates a logical value of WHERE-like statements for non SQL-based tables.
TGIS_Utils Helper for GIS functions.
TGIS_ViewerWeb Class responsible for map presentation on bitmap.
TPoint Like Point, but based on integers.


Name Description
TGIS_PaintShapeEvent OnPaintShape event type.

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