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tatukgis.rtl.xml namespace

DK11 for Java tatukgis.rtl.xml | Enums | Classes | Types


Name Description
TNodeType Enum for node type
TParseOption Provides information on how DOM parser should parse an XML document.
TXMLDocOption indicate types of information that an XML document automatically supplies.
TXMLEncodingType Indicates the character set used to encode an XML document.


Name Description
CoSAXAttributes Functional extension of the SAX (Simple API for XML) element attributes implementation.
EXMLDocError XML Error
IMXAttributes Abstract class mimicking the IMXAttributes interface.
ISAXAttributes Abstract class mimicking the ISAXAttributes interface.
ISAXAttributes_ Abstract class mimicking the ISAXAttributes interface.
ISAXContentHandler Abstract class mimicking the ISAXContentHandler interface.
ISAXContentHandler_ Abstract class mimicking the ISAXContentHandler interface.
ISAXErrorHandler_ Abstract class mimicking the ISAXErrorHandler interface.
ISAXLocator_ Abstract class mimicking the ISAXLocator interface.
IVBSAXAttributes Abstract class mimicking the IVBSAXAttributes interface.
IVBSAXContentHandler Abstract class mimicking the IVBSAXContentHandler interface.
IXMLDocument Represents an XML document
IXMLNodeCollection Interface for a set of child nodes of the same type.
IXMLNodeList Set of nodes in an XML document.
TGIS_SAXAttributes Implementation of element attributes for SAX (Simple API for XML).
TGIS_SAXContentHandler SAX (Simple API for XML) reader implementation.
TGIS_SAXWriter SAX (Simple API for XML) writer implementation.
TGIS_XMLDocument Implementation of IXMLDocument interface.
TGIS_XMLNode Implementation of XMLNode interface
TGIS_XMLNodeList Implementation of IXMLNodeList interface.


Name Description
TParseOptions Set of TParseOption values.
TXMLDocOptions Set of TXMLOption values.

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