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TGIS_ViewerWnd properties


Inherited Protected
Name Visibility Description
AntiAliasing public If True, high quality image will be rendered.
AutoCenter public
AutoStyle public If True, layers added to the viewer will have a unique style applied.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.AutoStyle)
BigExtent public Map extent.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.BigExtent)
BigExtentMargin public Map extent margin.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.BigExtentMargin)
BusyLevel public Level of current busy state.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.BusyLevel)
BusyText public Text related to current busy state.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.BusyText)
Center public Center the screen based on given point.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.Center)
CenterPtg public Point on which Viewer will be centered during Zoom.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.CenterPtg)
Color public Background color.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.Color)
Copyright public Legal notice and product version.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.Copyright)
CS public Coordinate System assigned to the viewer.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.CS)
CustomData public List of custom, user-defined data.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.CustomData)
CustomPPI public Custom resolution in pixels-per-inch.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.CustomPPI)
DelayedUpdate public Delayed update threshold in milliseconds.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.DelayedUpdate)
Editor public Editor context.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.Editor)
Extent public Map extent.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.Extent)
FileCopyrights public List Copyrights
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.FileCopyrights)
FontScale public Font magnifying factor in percents.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.FontScale)
FullDrawExtent public Extent of full current/last drawing area including margin and w/o tiling.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.FullDrawExtent)
Graticule public Graticule object.
Hierarchy public Hierarchy list.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.Hierarchy)
IncrementalPaint public Is partial drawing to screen done in incremental mode?
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.IncrementalPaint)
InPaint public True if Viewer is busy in Paint procedure.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.InPaint)
IsBusy public True if Viewer is busy.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.IsBusy)
IsEmpty public True if Viewer is empty (no layers).
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.IsEmpty)
IsLocked public True if Viewer is in locked state Lock.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.IsLocked)
IsTopmost public True if Viewer has a topmost layer.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.IsTopmost)
Items public All layers.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.Items)
KeepScale public True if a viewer should maintain scale upon resize.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.KeepScale)
LabelsReg public Labels position allocator object.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.LabelsReg)
Level public Sets and gets zoom level for a viewer.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.Level)
MinZoomSize public
Mode public
MultiUserMode public Multiuser mode.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.MultiUserMode)
OverlappedExtentMargin public Overlapped extent margin (in pixels).
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.OverlappedExtentMargin)
PPI public Rendering resolution in pixels-per-inch.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.PPI)
ProgressiveUpdate public Progressive update threshold in milliseconds.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.ProgressiveUpdate)
ProjectFile public Project file itself as opened in Open procedure.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.ProjectFile)
ProjectName public Project file name as opened in Open procedure.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.ProjectName)
Renderer public Renderer.
RenderTime public
RestrictedDrag public If true, then you can not drag outside the map Extent.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.RestrictedDrag)
RestrictedExtent public Restricted Map extent.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.RestrictedExtent)
RotationAngle public Angle of viewer rotation in radians.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.RotationAngle)
RotationPoint public Point of viewer rotation in map units.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.RotationPoint)
ScaleAsFloat public Setting up and reading the scale factor.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.ScaleAsFloat)
ScaleAsText public Setting up and reading the scale factor as text in format '1:10000'.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.ScaleAsText)
SelectionGisColor public Color used for selecting object.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.SelectionGisColor)
SelectionOutlineOnly public If true then polygons will be marked only with outline not a full fill.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.SelectionOutlineOnly)
SelectionTransparency public Transparency value for selection; if 100 SelectionGisColor will not be transparent.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.SelectionTransparency)
SelectionWidth public Outline width of selection area (>0 in twips, <0 in pixels).
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.SelectionWidth)
SystemPPI public System resolution in pixels-per-inch.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.SystemPPI)
TemporaryScaleInternal public Used to force rendering in a different scale then actual.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.TemporaryScaleInternal)
TemporaryVisibleExtent public Used to force rendering labels while drawing with tiles.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.TemporaryVisibleExtent)
TiledPaint public Is partial drawing to screen done in tiled mode?
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.TiledPaint)
UponDestroy public True if viewer is upon destruction so some operations (like screen updates) should not be performed
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.UponDestroy)
UseAnimations public True if animation upon zooming are allowed.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.UseAnimations)
UseRTree public True if RTree will be used by default upon creation of any layer.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.UseRTree)
ViewerParent public Parent for the current IGIS_Viewer object.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.ViewerParent)
Viewport public Setting an upper left corner position of the components window within the map.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.Viewport)
VisibleExtent public Extent of the map that is visible in the window.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.VisibleExtent)
Zoom public Setting up and reading the related zoom factor.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.Zoom)
ZoomEx public Setting up and reading the absolute zoom factor.
(Implements IGIS_Viewer.ZoomEx)

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