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TGIS_Utils.GisSunPosition(TGIS_Point, TDateTime, double, double, double) method

DK11 for Java | tatukgis.jdk.TGIS_Utils.GisSunPosition | Overloads | Methods | Properties

Calculate sun's position based on time, date, and location on Earth

Available also on: Delphi | .NET | ActiveX | Python.


// Java
public static void GisSunPosition(
  TGIS_Point _ptg,
  TDateTime _local_time,
  double _utc_offset,
  /* ref */ @ValueTypeParameter VarParameter<double> _altitude,
  /* ref */ @ValueTypeParameter VarParameter<double> _azimuth
// Oxygene
  class procedure GisSunPosition(
    _ptg : TGIS_Point;
    _local_time : TDateTime;
    _utc_offset : Double;
    var _altitude : Double;
    var _azimuth : Double


Name Type Description
_ptg TGIS_Point observer's location in geographic coordinate system expressed in radians
_local_time TDateTime observer's local time
_utc_offset double
time difference in hours between UTC and local time for a particular place and date; Daylight Saving Time must be taken into account.
_altitude double
angular height in radians of the sun in the sky measured from the horizontal; values from 0 at sunrise and sunset to 90 at solar noon (also known as an elevation angle)
_azimuth double
angle in radians in the horizontal plane measured clockwise from north to the horizontal projection of the sun's rays; values from 0 to 2*Pi
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