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TGIS_RendererAbstract.RenderShape(TObject, TObject, bool, TGIS_RendererMultipassMode) method

DK11 for Java | tatukgis.jdk.TGIS_RendererAbstract.RenderShape | Overloads | Constructors | Fields | Methods | Properties

Render a single shape in a current context.

Available also on: Delphi | .NET | ActiveX.


// Java
public abstract void RenderShape(
  TObject _shp,
  TObject _source,
  bool _selectionOnly,
  TGIS_RendererMultipassMode _outlineMode
// Oxygene
  procedure RenderShape(
    _shp : TObject;
    _source : TObject;
    _selectionOnly : Boolean = False;
    _outlineMode : TGIS_RendererMultipassMode = TGIS_RendererMultipassMode.Single
  ); virtual; abstract;


Name Type Description
_shp TObject shape to be rendered
_source TObject original shape for proper drawing fills when _shp is truncated
_selectionOnly bool
if True only the shape selection is rendered
_outlineMode TGIS_RendererMultipassMode outline drawing mode; valid only for lines; used to drawing nice line junctions in multipass mode;
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