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TGIS_LayerPixel.MergeLayer method

DK11 for Java | tatukgis.jdk.TGIS_LayerPixel.MergeLayer | Constructors | Fields | Methods | Properties | Events

Merge layer to an existing layer. Use this method to merge a layer. To do this, simply create a new layer, choose a layer to merge from and use MergeLayer method of with proper parameters.

Available also on: Delphi | .NET | ActiveX.


// Java
public void MergeLayer(
  TGIS_LayerPixel _layer,
  TGIS_Extent _extent
// Oxygene
  procedure MergeLayer(
    _layer : TGIS_LayerPixel;
    _extent : TGIS_Extent
  ); virtual;


Name Type Description
_layer TGIS_LayerPixel layer to be merged from
_extent TGIS_Extent extent to be merged
2018/02/17 00:16

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