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TGIS_DbAbstract properties


Inherited Protected
Name Visibility Description
CurrentSQLDialect public Current SQL dialect name.
EngineOptions public Engine options.
FullSafeParam public if True, prefix with name is returned, otherwise only prefix.
GeometryType public Internal geometry type.
iCodePage public CodePage used for conversion.
iJoinCodePage public JoinCodePage used for conversion.
InBatchMode public True, if batch mode is enabled for fast inserts.
IsDb2 public Is DB2 dialect.
IsInformix public Is Informix dialect.
IsInterbase public Is Interbase dialect.
IsJDBC public if True, JDBC is used.
IsMsJet public Is MsJet dialect.
IsMsSql public Is MsSql dialect.
IsMySql public Is MySql dialect.
IsOracle public Is Oracle dialect.
IsPostgreSql public Is PostgreSQL dialect.
IsProviderInitialized public Is provider initialized.
IsSqlite public Is Sqlite dialect.
IsSybase public Is Sybase dialect.
MultiUserMode public Multiuser mode.
NameMaxLength public Sql name maximum length.
ParameterPrefix public Sql parameter prefix.
RowsetSize public Number of rows fetched in batches from the cursor database (default 0).
UseTextParameters public Use text parameters.

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