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TGIS_CSAbstractList methods


Inherited Overrides Protected
Name Visibility Description
Add public Add new item into the list.
AddAlias public Add new item being alias to an existing one.
Alias public Define alias between two items.
ByEPSG public Find object on the list based on EPSG code.
ByWKT public Find object on the list based on WKT string.
Clear public Clear the list.
Count public Number of items on the list.
Fix public Fix item by substituting existing item based on EPSG code.
GetEnumerator public Get enumerator.
Init public Initialize list form definition.
LockThread public Locks the thread.
(Inherited from TGIS_ThreadClass)
uniqueWkt protected Generate unique WKT name
UnlockThread public Unlocks the thread.
(Inherited from TGIS_ThreadClass)

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