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TGIS_GdipGraphics methods


Inherited Overrides Protected
Name Visibility Description
DrawEllipse public Draw an ellipse.
DrawImage(TGIS_GdipImage; Integer; Integer) public Draw an image.
DrawImage(TGIS_GdipImage; TRect; Integer; Integer; Integer; Integer; TGIS_GdipImageAttributes) public Draw an image.
DrawLines(TGIS_GdipPen; array of TGPPointF; Integer) public Draw a series of line segments.
DrawLines(TGIS_GdipPen; array of TPoint; Integer) public Draw a series of line segments.
DrawPie public Draw a pie.
DrawPolygon public Draw a polygon.
DrawRectangle(TGIS_GdipPen; Integer; Integer; Integer; Integer) public Draw a rectangle.
DrawRectangle(TGIS_GdipPen; TRect) public Draw a rectangle.
DrawString(WideString; TGIS_GdipFont; TGIS_GdipBrush; Single; Single; TGIS_GdipStringFormat) public Draw a string.
DrawString(WideString; TGIS_GdipFont; TGIS_GdipBrush; TRect; TGIS_GdipStringFormat) public Draw a string.
FillEllipse public Fill an ellipse.
FillPie public Fill a pie.
FillPolygon(TGIS_GdipBrush; array of TGPPointF) public Fill a polygon.
FillPolygon(TGIS_GdipBrush; array of TPoint) public Fill a polygon.
FillRectangle(TGIS_GdipBrush; Integer; Integer; Integer; Integer) public Fill a rectangle.
FillRectangle(TGIS_GdipBrush; TRect) public Fill a rectangle.
GetHdc public Get the handle to the device context associated with this graphics.
MeasureString public Measure the specified string.
ReleaseHdc public Release a device context handle.
ResetTransform public Reset the world transformation.
RotateTransform public Apply the specified rotation to the world transformation.
SetCompositingMode public Set a value that specifies how composited images are drawn.
SetCompositingQuality public Set the rendering quality of composited images.
SetInterpolationMode public Set the interpolation mode.
SetPageUnit public Set the unit of measure esed for page coordinates.
SetPixelOffsetMode public Set a value specifying how pixels are offset during rendering.
SetRenderingOrigin public Set rendering origin for hatched brush and patterns
SetSmoothingMode public Set the rendering quality.
SetTextContrast public Set the gamma correction value for rendering text.
TranslateTransform public Change the origin to the world transformation.

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