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TGIS_XmlFile methods


Inherited Overrides Protected
Name Visibility Description
AddGroup public Add new group.
AddGroupLayer public Add new group layer.
AddLayer public Add new layer.
AddSection public Add new section.
AddSubLayer public Add new sublayer.
AddSubSection public Add new subsection.
AddZone public Add zone-type section.
AddZoneValue public Add a value to the zone.
ClearActiveNode public Clear active node.
ClearGroups public Clear layers section.
ClearLayers public Clear layers section.
ClearSections public Clear sections list.
ClearSubSections public Clear subsections list.
ClearZones public Clear a zone section.
DeleteKey public Delete xml node.
EndZone public End zone-type section.
GetLayersCount public Get number of layers.
GetNodes public Parse and fill list of all subnodes in a node.subnode.subnode form.
GetStrings public Parse and fill list with values.
ReadAttribute public Read node attribute.
ReadString public Read xml node as text.
ReadZoneValues public Read zone values to list.
SetActiveNode public Set hierarchy section.
SetGroup public Set active group.
SetHierarchy public Set hierarchy section.
SetLayer(Integer) public Set active layer.
SetLayer(String) public Set active layer.
SetRoot public Set root level.
SetSection public Set active section.
SetStrings public Read and parse values from list.
SetSubLayer public Set active sublayer.
SetSubSection public Set active subsection.
SetViewer public Set viewer section.
UpdateFile public Update file with current values.
WriteAttribute public Write node attribute.
WriteString public Write xml node as text.
WriteXML public Write xml node as text.

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